Quick Guide: Create your first quiz

A quiz differs from a survey in that it is a short test of knowledge, often informal, and uses specific question types. Allocate scores for each answer when you build the quiz and respondents will receive a total score when they've taken the quiz.

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Tip: If you can turn your survey into a quiz, you're likely to get a better response rate! We’ve seen that “take our quiz” has double the open rate of “take our survey”. Ask five or six quiz questions and add a rating question with a text box at the end.

Here’s a guide to quickly create your first great-looking quiz. It's not difficult to create a quiz... here are the steps we'll cover in this guide:

  1. Create a new quiz
  2. Write the quiz Intro screen
  3. Add quiz questions
  4. Build the final screen
  5. Edit the design
  6. Share your quiz

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1 Create a new quiz

In the Home tab, click Create questionnaire.

Quiz - create questionnaire

Click Start from scratch so you can add just the right type of questions to your quiz.

quick start quiz - start from scratch

The title and link of your questionnaire are automatically filled in. You can leave these as they are or change them to a title and link that are more meaningful to your project.

Tip: Make sure your link is short if your respondents will have to type it themselves (e.g.: for mobile use).

Type your own questionnaire title and questionnaire link in the boxes.

Quick start quiz - title and link

2 Write the quiz Intro screen

You can use the text that is already written, or write your own sentence to explain why your respondents should complete the quiz. If you want to hide the Intro screen altogether, toggle the button next to Show intro.

Quiz - show intro screen

If you want to make a more elaborate Intro screen, read our full Intro screen guide.

You could use your Intro screen to ask some questions, for example, demographic data. Read about adding Intro fields. We suggest leaving this for now, first build your quiz and come back later if there's information you want to ask your respondents at the beginning.

3 Add quiz questions

OK... get ready, get set to make an exciting, quirky quiz!

Click ? Question to insert your first question:

quick start quiz add question

You'll be shown quite a choice of questions, but the three that are suitable for quiz questions are; text choice, image choice, and ranking. Choose one of these three types and click +.

choosing question type

We'll look at examples of each of these questions soon. First, let's be clear about how to make your question into a quiz question.

You'll first need to turn this question into a quiz question.

Quick start quiz - type question text

As soon as you turn this on, you will be able to select which of your answers is the correct one. Toggle the button to indicate which is the correct answer.

Quick start quiz - add answer options

You can change the scoring options, for example, give different scores for different answers or for multiple-choice questions, a score when all answers are correct. Read more about custom scoring and quiz scoring.

Add a Question explanation which will be shown at the end of the quiz when respondents are given the option to View correct answers. Add links to your explanation and allow the respondent to learn more by visiting relevant web pages while he/she’s discovering what he/she answered right or wrong.

Quick start quiz - question explanation

Now let's look at all the types of questions you can include in your quiz.

Tip: To improve your response rate, it's best to stay under 7 questions, 10 questions max!

3.1 Text Choice

Quick start quiz - text choice

This question can be single-select or multiple choice where respondents can select more than one answer. More info about a text choice question.

3.2 Image Choice

Ask your respondent to select an image, instead of only text. Learn more about adding an image choice question.

3.3 Ranking

Quick quiz - ranked example

Ask your respondents to put several facts/dates/statements in the correct order. Make sure to insert the answers in the right order. 

Tip: Turn on Shuffle answers to make sure the answers are shuffled when the respondent sees them.

For more about a Ranking question and learn how you can show respondents the correct answer order .

We've covered all the quiz question types but why not add some fun incentive questions to boost the response rate?

3.4 Scratch Card

scratch card

Here your respondents can scratch away the upper layer to reveal the beach vacation they have won! It's easier to make than it looks! Check out our scratch card guide and add yours!

3.5 Slot Machine

This feature is only available for paying plans. It's another great way to add an incentive to collect more responses. Tell your respondent what he or she can win.

Who wouldn't want to try this?!

Quick quiz - slot machine

For full details, read about adding a slot machine.

4 Build the final screen

You can leave the final screen as it is, or check out the final screen help guide to learn about all the changes you can make, like directing respondents to your website when they have clicked the final button. 

Quick start quiz - final screen

Congrats! You've made your quiz from start to finish. Don't forget to click Save changes at the top of the screen before previewing or moving to other tabs.

5 Edit the design

Now it's time to edit the design of the quiz. Head over to the Design tab.

quick start quiz - design tab

If you're short on time, Survey Anyplace has plenty of fresh and professional-looking templates that you can select and you'll be good to go! Click on the one you like best or suits your company image.

quick start quiz - design templates

You'll have greater credibility if you display your logo, so take the time to add it here. Scroll down to Logo and upload your own.

Quiz add logo

Your logo colors will be automatically detected if you want, or you can choose later to detect colors. Read the detailed guide to learn about all the design options available.

And read our overview of other fun quiz features which you'll find in the Extra Options tab.

6 Share your quiz

Whew! Almost there... you've made your quiz, it looks great, but how will others access it? Let's learn how to share it! Click the Share tab.

quick start quiz - share tab

Scroll down to the Share questionnaire link. Here you can copy the link or the short link and take your quiz! Alternatively right-click on the QR code to download it and access the quiz from there.

quick start quiz - share link

There are also other ways to share your quiz.

Once you've taken your quiz, you can view the results.

Way to go! You're done with setting up your quiz! Why not try out your own free quiz today? Click here for a free trial!

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