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Contacts are the people you invite to participate in a questionnaire or campaign. Your contact list is the list of people to whom you will email a questionnaire invitation.

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All you need to know about creating your contacts! This guide will tell you how to:

  1. Add contacts
  2. Create contact lists
  3. Make changes to your contacts
  4. What to do next

Creating contacts offers a number of benefits:

  • Before launching your questionnaire or campaign, uploading contacts will allow you to subsequently make a unique link to the questionnaire which will allow the system to automatically identify the contact. 
  • If the campaign has a number of different questionnaires, the contacts will be directed to the active questionnaires without having to enter their personal details every time.
  • You can track contacts' progress and pre-fill certain parts of the questionnaire with their data - always a good idea to save people time!

1 Add contacts

Select the tab Contacts from the top menu. You can then choose to add contacts individually (click on the circled person icon on the right) or by uploading a .csv file with your list of contacts (click Upload contacts). The system will automatically assign a unique identifier to each contact.

Contacts - upload contacts button

1.1 Adding Contacts Individually

Once you've clicked on the icon to add contacts manually, a box will pop up called Create contact where you can enter information for First and Last name, Email, Personal ID and specify which list you would like the contact to be added to. Don't have a list yet? Don't worry, you can set this up later. See section 2 to learn all about it!

Personal ID is an optional field and can be used to identify the contact with an ID of your choice. This could be an employee number or an ID of an in-house CRM system or other application. 

Create contact

Click Save and close when you’re done.

1.2 Uploading contacts from a .csv File

In an Excel spreadsheet, enter contacts’ information under the following columns. It's really important to do it in this order: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Personal ID - If you do not want to enter a Personal ID, leave this column empty. 
  • List

Here's an example to demonstrate how to set up the spreadsheet with the columns in the correct order:

Contacts - Excel file

Specifying which list the contact belongs to will enable you to send out the questionnaire to a named list of people. If you want to add a contact to two groups, separate the groups by a '|', for example, List1|List2. The list will be created once you upload the file if it does not yet exist. 

Here's an example of how to specify whether a contact should be part of two lists (top row) or one list (bottom row):

Contacts - two lists

If you're on the Enterprise plan or higher, you can add as many columns as you require, for example, add columns to include information about the company or role, as below.

Contacts - add additional columns

Tip: Make sure that the top row contains titles. The first contact should be in the second row.


Set up Intro Fields with the corresponding External Fields name, to get the contact information pre-filled for you. 


If you're on the Enterprise or ReportR plan, you can use Save contact details to automatically add contacts to your list.

Once all of your contacts have been entered into the spreadsheet, save it as a CSV file. Read this help guide for more details about converting Excel files to CSV.

Now getting back to uploading your contacts in the tool... Click on the purple button Upload contacts.

Upload contacts buttonA box will pop up asking you to upload your contacts. Click Choose your file, select the file you want to upload, then click Upload and close. The system will then upload your entire file of contacts.

Upload contacts file



The maximum number of contacts that can be imported at a time is 50.000. If you want to import a contact list that is larger than 50.000 contacts, we recommend splitting it up over multiple imports.

After you have set up your Intro Fields, Click Edit to see the contact information.

edit all contacts

edit contact - contact external fields

2 Create contact lists

 A list can be based on departments, areas, companies, job functions, or any other way you want to group contacts to send the questionnaire invitations to.

Click on Create list, give your list a name and click on Save and close.

Create contact list

You now have two options to populate your list: by selecting existing contacts or by uploading a file.

2.1 Adding existing contacts to a list

Select individual contacts by ticking the box to the left of their name and then click the button on the top menu Add to list.

Add contacts to list

Add to list button - Contacts

A white box will appear and by selecting the down arrow, you will be able to choose which list you want to add your contacts to. Click Save and close and they'll be added.

Choose list to add contacts to

2.2 Adding new contacts to a list

If you haven't uploaded your contacts yet, you can immediately add them to a list while uploading your file as explained earlier.

Add contacts to list

3 Make changes to your contacts

Once you've uploaded your contacts, you can always make changes to them.

Make changes to contacts

  1. Edit your contact - click on the pencil to edit details of a particular contact or click the "X" to delete specific contacts. The "..." offers you the option to add them to a certain List or delete that contact.
  2. Delete multiple contacts - click here to delete all of your contacts, or select certain contacts by ticking the box next to their names and this button will delete only the ones you selected.
  3. Download your contacts - This button will download all your contacts. This can be really useful if you've made changes in Survey Anyplace to the contact details that you uploaded and now you want to have an updated version. The downloads that are 5000+ are split into queues.

4 What's next?

Once you've got all your contacts set up, you'll want to make use of them! Check out these 2 help guides for more information:

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