How to get email notifications once a survey has been completed?

It is possible to get notified when a survey has been complete with the email notifications setting. When editing your survey, go to the Extra Options tab. Click Email notifications and toggle the button to turn on this feature. Click Apply.

The emails will be sent to the address that was used to login to Survey Anyplace.

Email notifications

When it's turned on, click Add email, and you'll be able to type in the email addresses. Click to add as many email addresses as you need. Make sure to Save changes when you're finished.

Email notifications - add email

Here's an example of how the email will appear:

Email notifications example

There’s a host of other options that you might find useful to enable in your survey.

Why not check these guides out for more details?

  • Geolocation - When it is important for you to know where the respondents take the survey, you can turn on Geolocation. When the location on the device is turned on, you will receive the location in your results and in your Notification Email.
  • Save contact details - If you're asking respondents for their personal information, use our save respondent details feature to build the contact list automatically.
  • Social media - When you turn on Social media options, respondents will be able to share or like your questionnaire on social media or share your Facebook page or website.
  • Save on exit and save and continue - This feature makes sure the answers to the questionnaire are saved in case a respondent closes his or her browser. You have two options (they can be used at the same time): Save on exit - the response will be saved when the respondent closes the window (i.e., does not complete the survey completely) and Save and continue. This option allows respondents to return to the questionnaire and continue from where they left off.
  • Fill in default responses by URL parameter - A URL parameter is the final part of the URL, which you can customize for your own use. You can add on your own ending so that a specific answer is chosen for a question that you can specify.
  • Question hint - Want to give a helping hand to your respondent? You can add a question hint to help out those who are struggling. When you've activated this feature, a small question mark will appear above the question. If the respondent clicks the icon, they'll get a popup with additional information or a hint.
  • Results dashboard - If you want to get a quick, graphic overview of the responses coming into your survey, the results dashboard is the place where you can view the results. You can customize the results dashboard, share them with colleagues, and set up filters and comparisons. Check out our guides if you’re interested to know about different ways of viewing the results, either looking at charts, individual responses, or presentation view.
  • Download your results - To analyze the results, you can either chose to use the dashboards or to download your results. When all of your surveys have been completed, make sure you’ve read up on the options for downloading your results. You can download your results in three different formats: CSV, Excel, or PDF.
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