How to give score to my questionnaire questions?

We provide a few types of scoring features. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Quiz Scoring
  2. Custom Scoring
  3. Formulas
  4. What's next?

1 Quiz Scoring

There are multiple ways to add scoring to your quiz. When you use the quiz capability (read the quick guide to create a quiz ), each correct answer gives you a score. The end result for the quiz is a gauge with the sum of the scores per answer. This score will be shown on the results pages as average for all respondents and a score per respondent. To make it simpler, add 1 point per correct answer or add multiple points, depending on the answer. Read all the different ways to use quiz scoring.


quiz scoring example

2 Custom Scoring

Custom scoring allows you to specify a variable score for each answer. So you obtain a score per survey/respondent and an average score for all your surveys/respondents. It can be useful for rating customer or employee satisfaction.

custom score example

3 Formulas

Another way to make calculations based on answers given to the questionnaire is by using the formula feature. You can use the /*-+() to create formulas using variables such as answers or quiz scores to calculate an average, a percentage score, or lots more. This feature offers you lots more flexibility and complexity in calculating scores than simply allocating a numerical score for each answer.

Wondering how you can use formulas to show your respondents how they scored in an assessment? You may have made a personality assessment, work-style assessment, or any other type of assessment, and you want to give your respondents immediate feedback to show their strongest area. You can add the Formula Table variable to your final screen and have all the work done for you in an instant! Here's an example of how it could look. Read the formula ranking table guide to learn how to create this.

Formula table example

4 What's next?

  • Leaderboard - When you take a quiz or test, it’s always fun to compare your results with others. This way, you can see how well you’ve really done. Use this feature to show everyone's results. A leaderboard is a screen that you can choose to display at the beginning or end of the quiz or test, showing everyone's scores. 
  • Quiz timer - Add this to your questionnaire to discourage respondents from searching on the internet for the right answers as they'll be out of time. Or just use it to build up the suspense!
  • View question results - It can be interesting for respondents to see how other respondents answered the same question. Activate this feature to show how many people answered the same way or differently.
  • Kiosk options - When you don't have the time or staff to operate your survey devices such as a tablet, you can just leave the tablet in kiosk mode in the store, at the stand, ... Given that the questionnaire can automatically return to the Intro Screen, no staff is required. Read our guide to kiosk options to learn about the useful features you’ll want to activate, such as automatic back to start, geolocation, idle timeout, and save on exit. How to put an iPad in kiosk mode may be a useful guide for you to read as well!
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