What kind of images, videos or other media files can I include in my questionnaire?

What kind of images, videos, or other media files can I include in my questionnaire?

Media files can be added to all the screens of your survey or quiz.

File sizes above 800 px width and 680 px height work best as they get automatically resized above those parameters. The recommended file size is 800 px in width. Your file has to be under 10 MB. Not to worry, this is already quite a file. If you want to add a larger video, we advise using a YouTube link to insert it in your questions. Videos (mp4 and YouTube) cannot run in an offline quiz or survey.

Recommended formats:

  • Images: jpg, png, gif
  • Audio: mp3
  • Video: mp4 (or use YouTube)

Here are some examples:

example of adding image

example of adding gif

 example of adding jpg

Read our guide to Adding media to your question to learn the steps and how to resize your images.

Aside from adding media to appear above your survey question, did you know there are many other opportunities to include media? Here are some suggestions:

  • Add an image or video to the Intro screen and grab your respondent’s attention right away! Choose the rich text editor icon to insert either an image or video. To learn all the details about creating your Intro screen, read the full Intro Screen help guide.
  • End the survey on a high with an impressive visual on the Final screen! To add either an image or video, click on the relevant rich text editor icon when you are setting up the final message or additional text. Read our guide to creating your Final Screen.
  • Outcome screen – The outcomes feature offers the possibility to end surveys with advice based on the respondent's answers. The respondent is shown a final screen based on their answers to all questions or shows a screen based on criteria that you have specified (for example, a specific quiz score). Here is an example of an outcome screen with an image

Outcome screen with image

  • The email templates feature allows you to send emails to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged! Spice up the email by adding some media.
  • Email invitations – when sending out survey invitations to your audience, draw them in, and encourage a good response rate by making your invitation appealing with some interesting media included.


Check out our Media Library help guide if you think you’ll be wanting to use the same media multiple times. It will save you having to upload it on each occasion.


Talking of making your survey more interesting, here are some other ways to make your survey engaging!

  • Having a friendly user interface that is enjoyable for respondents is really important to keep them moving through the survey. Make all the design changes you need in the Design tab of the survey editor. You can add your logo and use your company colors throughout the survey.
  • Labels and messages – did you know you can customize the messages that get shown to respondents, as well as the text of the labels? Make sure you’ve finished creating your questionnaire, then see if any labels or messages could do with improvements.
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