What do I need to do to run a successful quiz or survey at an event?

What do I need to do to run a successful quiz or survey at an event?

First of all, do check whether you will have a qualitative network connection. If you’re not sure, no worries, use our application in offline mode (Read more on our offline survey features).

As your device will be running stand-alone make sure to use the following available features:

  • Automatic return to the beginning within 10 seconds.
  • Our “Idle Timeout” function that will automatically bring the application back to the beginning even when a respondent decides to leave the application in the middle. The time you set is the time the application remains untouched before returning to the intro screen. Decide whether or not you want to keep the data the respondent entered before he or she left the application.
  • Put your device in kiosk mode to make sure that your respondents can’t play around with other applications. ­Most devices provide a kiosk mode. If you’ve never done this before and as this is a functionality specific for each device, we suggest you enter the word “kiosk” and the type of device you’re using in your search engine to find out how to implement it.

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