Limit the responses of your questionnaire

Using the Limit the responses of your questionnaire feature you can control the number of the respondents that are taking your survey. Read below to see two ways how to prevent multiple responses from the same respondent.

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This guide will explain how to use the features Limit your responses per device and per contact. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Limit your responses per device
  2. Limit your responses per contact
  3. Hard Response Limit 
  4. What's next?

You'll find the options in the Share tab.

1 Limit your responses per device

This feature will place a cookie on the respondent's browser so that they can only complete the questionnaire once. If they really want to, they will still be able to use a different device to do the questionnaire again.

limit response per device

2 Limit your responses per contact

Limit your responses per contact is available for Enterprise and ReportR plan.

You’ll send each contact a personal link to the questionnaire, which contains their UID (you can create this after uploading the contacts in My Contacts). If a respondent returns for a second try (even if it’s on a different browser or device), they will only see the Final screen of your survey. The feature checks the UID of the link with the contacts you’ve added and therefore knows who has already taken the questionnaire.

Limit responses per contact

When you turn on Limit your responses per contact, you can determine how many times each contact can enter the questionnaire.



Send out the survey link to your contacts and include the UID of the specific respondent into each link. You can add “?rid=UID_123” to the link. The 123 is the number of the respondent that will be variable. Click here to learn how to set up URL parameters.

3 Hard Response Limit

Hard Response Limit is available for Enterprise and ReportR plan.

When the maximum number is reached, the survey will not be accessible. When you have turned on set a hard response limit on the questionnaire, you will be able to specify the number of total responses that you want to allow.

limit number of responses - setting response limit


Be aware that since the check is done on our server, limiting responses (per device, contact, or hard limit) is not available in offline mode.

4 What's next?

Have you thought about how you are going to share your questionnaire? Read our full guide about sharing, which takes you through the different options:

  • Share the link – Survey Anyplace provides both a long and short link. Don’t forget that you can edit the link suffix at the top of the Questions editor tab.
  • Share the QR code
  • Share by embedding on your website
  • Send an email invitation with the survey link
  • Send a paper copy – you can download a PDF file with your survey questions

If your questionnaire is sensitive, or you want to prevent others from accessing it for any other reason, you can set a password that needs to be entered before access to the survey is granted. Read the Adding Passwords guide to learn how to add either a single password where everyone enters the same password or how to allocate a unique password to each respondent.

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