Adding Passwords

Adding Passwords

The Single password feature is included in all plans. The Multiple passwords feature is only included in the Enterprise plan and ReportR plan.

You've spent a long time creating the perfect questionnaire, and you may not want it being viewed by just anyone, or it may contain sensitive information. Add a password to protect your questionnaire from prying eyes!

This feature can be found in the Share tab.

Add password to questionnaire

What is the difference between a single password and multiple passwords?

book image tip Single password - Each respondent will enter the same password in order to start the questionnaire. Choose the password, and respondents will have to enter your chosen password that you have sent them before they are allowed to start answering.

book image tip Multiple passwords - Use this option either when you want to give each respondent a different password.

Let's look at how to set up each one now.

1. Adding a single password

Toggle the button to protect your questionnaire with a single password. A box will appear where you can type your chosen password. Don't forget to send it out to respondents so they know what they need to enter!

Passwords screenshot2

2. Adding multiple passwords

When you turn on Add multiple passwords to your survey, you will be able to upload a CSV file of the different passwords when you click Upload password list.

Passwords screenshot3

Make sure you have uploaded enough passwords for the maximum amount of responses you will want to collect.

Make a list of passwords in Excel, like in the image below, and save it as a CSV file. Don't put a title at the top of the column.

Passwords excel screenshot4

tipTip: Each password can only be used once. You could use employee ID numbers so everyone will only answer once or distribute the questionnaire link with a different password to each person at an event.

Log in now to add this security feature to your survey today!

Have you already thought about how you are going to share your questionnaire?
Read our full guide about sharing, which takes you through the different options:

  • Share the link – Survey Anyplace provides both a long and short link. Don’t forget that you can edit the link suffix at the top of the Questions editor tab.
  • Share the QR code
  • Share by embedding on your website
  • Send an email invitation with the survey link
  • Send a paper copy – you can download a PDF file with your survey questions


You may be interested in knowing how to limit responses to your questionnaire.
Survey Anyplace offers you two options:

  • book image tip Limit your responses per device - This feature will place a cookie on the respondent's browser so that they can only complete the questionnaire once. If they really want to, they will still be able to use a different device to do the questionnaire again.
  • book image tip Limit your responses per contact - You’ll send each contact a personal link to the questionnaire, which contains their UID (you can create this after uploading the contacts in My Contacts). If a respondent returns for a second try (even if it’s on a different browser or device), they will only see the Final screen of your survey. The feature checks the UID of the link with the contacts you’ve added and therefore knows who has already taken the questionnaire.

Read all you need to know about limiting responses.

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