Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide

Design your Questionnaire - A Quick Start Guide

This feature is included in all plans.

This guide will take you through designing your questionnaire quickly and easily. You can either choose a template or start from scratch and edit the settings to suit your needs. We'll discuss here a handful of settings but for a thorough treatment of all Design settings, read our detailed guide.

Start by logging in and go to the Design tab.

Edit Design - Design tab

1 Choose a Template

Select a ready-made template to give your questionnaire a professional look. Use the arrows on the right and left side to scroll through the selection.

Edit Design - choose template

You could stop here and you'll have a great-looking survey already, or keep reading and learn how to personalize your survey by adding your logo.

2 Add a Logo

Give your company greater visibility by uploading your logo. Scroll down to the section Logo. Click Upload logo to insert your company's logo.

Edit Design - upload logo

A box will pop-up displaying the detected colors and asking if you'd like to use those colors. Click Yes, please if you're happy to use those colors in your design. If you're not sure about the colors, click No, thanks for now.

Edit design - use logo colors

If you decide later that actually you do want to use the logo colors, click Detect colors to automatically detect the colors from the logo you've uploaded.

Edit Design - detect colors

3 Change the Colors

If you wish to make changes to the background, the world is your oyster! You can upload any image you want by clicking Update background or if you prefer a solid color, pick any color you wish!

Edit Design - update background color

Don't forget to Save changes and Preview questionnaire to take a look at what you've just created!

Design quick start - preview and save changes

That's all for our quick start Design guide! For an in-depth explanation of each Design feature, read more here.

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