Adding media to your questions

Add an image, video, GIF, or audio file to make your questionnaire more entertaining. Respondents will be more likely to go all the way to the end of your questionnaire if you add something besides just the plain text question and answers. 

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It will lower the drop-out rate because there's a lower chance they'll get bored. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Adding Media
  2. Adjusting the image
  3. Media examples

1 Adding Media

You'll find the option to Add media or Add YouTube video when you're editing a question, right below the box for your question text.

Add media or video - buttons

The media file will appear above your question.


File sizes above 800 px width and 680 px height work best as they get automatically resized above those parameters. The recommended file size is 800 px in width. Images and audio have to be under 2 MB, and Video files under 5 MB.

  • If you have an image file larger than 2MB, try reducing the file size on
  • If you want to add a larger video, click Add YouTube video and insert a YouTube link

These are the recommended formats for your media:

  • Images: jpg, png, gif
  • Audio: mp3
  • Video: mp4 (or use YouTube)

2 Adjusting the image

When you click on the Add media button, this does not give you options to resize or move the image. If you want to adjust the image size or align to a specific side of the screen, you can simply try copying the image and paste it directly in the text editor itself and adjust from there. Make sure to preview the survey first, as there are times when this method does not work depending on the address of the image.

If the image is showing incorrectly, try the steps below. You'll need to be on the Enterprise or ReportR plan for this. 

Insert your image by clicking Add media and also copy and paste it into the text editor.

Add media to text editor

Now right-click on the image that you have just added in the Add Media section. Copy the image address.


You may find other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox use the phrase "Copy image location" - don't worry, this does the same job!

Go to the code view in the text editor, and replace the image address with the copied image address link.

Add media - code view

Leave the code view and you can now click on the image and resize it, or change the alignment. You no longer need the image that you uploaded in the Add media section, so delete it. This is what the image looks like in the text editor:

Adjust media size

3 Media Examples

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Add media image 2

add media - example

Add media image 4

So now you can add your own media to your question. Get started by logging in and put an end to those boring all-text questionnaires!

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