Slot Machine

A Slot Machine question is used to give away incentives in an entertaining way or just as a fun break in a long survey to lower the drop rate.

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The drop-out rate is the percentage of respondents who do not complete a survey. They may lose interest, the survey may be too long or poorly designed. Check out loads of ideas and tips to reduce your drop-out rate.

A sure way to make your survey more exciting is with a slot machine like this to break up the monotony:

slot machine example

Can't wait to add one of these to your questionnaire? Log in and let's get going! We'll discuss the following;

  1. Add a slot machine question
  2. Change the general question settings
  3. Edit the message
  4. Change the winning and playing settings

1 Add a Slot Machine question

In the Questions tab, click the button ? Questions or widgets. Scroll down to the widgets and select Slot Machine. Click Add question.

Slot machine - add question button

You're on the way! Now you can change the general question settings, edit the message and change the winning and playing settings.

Slot machine - change general settings

2 Change the general question settings

Slot machine - change question settings

  1. Hide/show the question settings.
  2. Change the question order.
  3. Change question type.
  4. Make the question active/inactive.
  5. Lock/unlock the question to be edited by other team members.
  6. Copy, Delete or Preview that particular question.

3 Edit the message

edit the message

  1. Write your message here. Want to make your text bold, italics, or a fun color? Click here about the rich text editor icons.
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.
  3. Make the question mandatory - turn this on to require the respondent to play the slot machine before moving to the next question.
  4. Add a question tag - turn this feature to add a tag to your question that you can reference in your survey or PDF.

4 Change the winning and playing settings

If you don't want to give away too many prizes, here's where you can adjust the probability of winning.

Slot machine - winning and playing settings

  1. Probability to win - Enter the probability a respondent has of winning the slot machine.
  2. Limit number of times the respondent can play - Toggle this button to the right to add a limit. Then determine how many times a respondent gets to try and play.

Tip: You can change the slot machine Play label and Win and Lost messages by heading over to Labels and messages in Extra Options.

That's all, you're good to go! You know your respondents will love it... add it today!

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