Upload an Extra Image File

Upload an Extra Image File

This feature is available on request.

Underneath most question types you can add a button asking respondents to upload an additional image to give extra information.

upload extra image screenshot1

Use this feature to make the questionnaire more engaging for respondents by letting respondents upload their own image file. 

Here are a couple of examples how you can use this feature:

  • When you ask how they liked the food they can upload an image to show what their plate looked like.
  • When you ask which was their favorite part of the event they can upload a picture to show why they liked it so much.

You can edit the image label text and add your own wording in the text box that appears when you turn this feature on. 

Here's how your question could look:

The uploading of an image can't be made mandatory. If you want to make this mandatory, you'll need to use an Image Upload question.

Want to ask your respondents to upload their own image? Log in and enable this feature in your questions!

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