Overview of different question types

We offer a large choice of question types to make your questionnaire entertaining and interactive. Here's a quick overview of these question types with some best practices in case you have a hard time deciding which one you want or need.

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Try out these question types yourself while we go through them.

In the Questions tab, click the button ? Questions.

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You'll see an array of different question types! Let's have a look at when you would want to use each type. Question types are included in all plans unless indicated otherwise. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Text Choice
  2. Open-Ended
  3. Image Choice
  4. Radio Button Rating
  5. Rating
  6. Text Only
  7. Form
  8. Ranking
  9. NPS
  10. Image Upload
  11. Slider (Numbers)
  12. Slider (Text)
  13. Scratch Card
  14. Slot Machine
  15. Typeahead Autosuggest
  16. Typeahead Form
  17. Continuous Sum
  18. Interactive Image
  19. File Upload
  20. XY Drag and Drop
  21. Signature
  22. Stripe Payment Processing

different question types

1 Text Choice

Text Choice is the most popular question type. You can ask almost everything with this type of question. It consists of a question and some preset answers from which respondents can choose from.

Tip: Text Choice might be an easy choice, but don't use it throughout your entire survey because your respondents might get bored with the same view. Switch between question types to keep the survey interesting. The respondent will have to push different buttons to answer the questions which will keep him attentive and enthusiastic, lowering his drop-out rate.

Overview question types - text choice

You can make your Text Choice question multiple choice or a quiz question. Learn how to use the Text Choice question and its different options.

2 Open-Ended

Open-Ended is the second most used question. It's used to get unbiased answers since respondents are not bound by preset answers.

Tip: Switch between Ratings and open-ended questions to quantify the open responses and to get the best view on the feedback of your respondents.

open ended question example

Click here to learn how to add your own open-ended question.

3 Image Choice

Image Choice works the same way as a Text Choice question, only you have the advantage of adding images to the answers. This way you can clarify the options by adding an image or example. It also makes the survey or quiz more entertaining. You can add jpeg, png, or even GIFs.

image choice example

Learn how to make your own image choice question.

4 Radio Button Rating

Use a Radio Button Rating to give respondents radio buttons between 0 and 10 to rate a product or service.

Here's how your question could look:

radio button question example

Learn just how to set up your radio button rating question.

5 Rating

You can use a Rating question and choose which answer icon you want - either stars, smileys, or emojis. Let's see when you might want to use each type of icon.

Star rating is a playful way to obtain a score for a certain subject such as service, customer satisfaction, etc. 

Overview question types - star rating

The smiley and emoji rating is mostly used to get a feeling of what the respondent thinks or feels concerning a certain subject. E.g.: How did you like the training?, What do you think of our new design?, ... Choose whether the smiley or emoji icons suit your design the best. Enter a question and ask the participant to rate your product or service by clicking on one of the 5 smileys or emojis.

Overview question types - smileys

emoji rating question example

Read the full Rating question guide today!

6 Text Only

Text Only is not used to ask questions, but to add a content box with extra information. Enter text and an image to announce a new chapter or to give extra information to a question or case.

Overview question types - text only

 Add your own text-only page - click here to see how.

7 Form

A Form question is used to collect data. The different form fields make it easy and clear for the respondent what he or she has to fill in.

Tip: If you want to be able to view these results at a glance in the Results by Respondents table, you are better off using Intro Fields.

form example

These are the different form field options available:

  • Text - Single Line - A small text box where the respondent can only type a single line of text. Mostly used for a name, company name, job title, etc.
  • Email - The respondent will have to fill in his or her email address. The address has a validation check on the '@' and the extension.
  • Date - To make sure everyone writes the date, in the same way, you can use a Date Field. This field allows the respondent to choose a date from a calendar.
  • Number - In this box, the respondent will only be able to fill in numbers. Mostly used for phone numbers or age.
  • Dropdown - A list of preset items. These can be names, countries, ... If you have a large list you can use a Typeahead (question type 14 below).
  • Text - Area - This field gives the respondent a large area to fill in the answer or specifics you asked for.
  • Opt-in - A box with preset text that the respondent can choose to check or leave unchecked. Mostly used for newsletter subscriptions and agreements with terms of use.

Learn all you need to know about Form questions!

8 Ranking

Ranking is mostly used to ask for preferences (What movie did you like best) or knowledge (Order the presidents of the US). The answers you insert will appear in boxes that the respondent can drag and drop where he or she thinks or feels it belongs.

Overview question types - ranking

Learn all about a Ranked question.


Calculate your Net Promoter Score using a 0-10 scale: “How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?”. In the reports, you'll find the results of the NPS question to be adjusted to indicate the detractors, passives, and promoters.

NPS question

Learn how to add an NPS question to your survey today!

10 Image Upload

Image Upload is used to receive images or photo's from your respondents. You can ask your respondents how they use your product, wear your clothing, ... The respondent can either upload a picture or take a picture at that moment.

Overview question types - image upload

Learn how to insert an Image Upload question.

11 Slider (Numbers)

With the Number Slider, you can ask your respondent for a score or rating. The difference between a Number Slider and Star Rating is that the numbers of a number slider are unlimited, whereas the Star Rating can only go to 10. You can also add labels to the slider, which could be numbers or text labels such as "Not good at all" to "Very good".

slider example

Learn more about adding a number slider.

12 Slider (Text)

If you want to know a degree of opinion instead of a score you can use the Text Slider. The answers you add will appear on the slider from left to right. Add degrees of statements such as "Not good at all" to "very good" or "I'm not interested" to "I'll buy it immediately".

slider text example

Learn how to use the text slider.

Thought that we've been through enough question types? Think again! We're just getting down to the exciting ones, so keep reading!

13 Scratch Card

The Scratch Card is used to give away incentives or to make your questionnaire more entertaining. You can add it as a break in the questions because it's just fun to try it or put real incentives behind the upper layer. By adding incentives you will increase the participation rate. You can add as many incentives or options you like. Attach a percentage to each option, this percentage will determine how much chance someone has of getting that option.

scratch card example

Look how much fun it is! You know your respondents will love it, so don't wait and learn how to add a scratch card question!

14 Slot Machine

This feature is only available for paying plans. Slot machines are another way to keep the attention of your respondents. An incentive can be promised when a respondent wins. This will improve the participation rate and lower the drop-out rate. Set the probability of winning and determine how many times someone can play the Slot Machine.

See how it works:

slot machine example

Learn how to add your own slot machine question.

15 Typeahead Autosuggest

This question type is only available for paying plans. The Typeahead is used for lists of possible answers such as countries or departments. This list is made in Excel or CSV and uploaded into the question. The respondent can scroll down the list or start typing to see the results that correspond with the typed letters.

typehead auto suggest example

Click here and learn how to add a typeahead question.

16 Typeahead form

This feature is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plans only. This question is similar to the Typeahead Autosuggest but has an added benefit as you can upload extra information which will be automatically filled in when the respondent chooses the answer from the first field.

Learn here how to create a typeahead form. Your question could look like this:

typehead auto suggest example

17 Continuous Sum

A Continuous Sum question lets the respondent give a score to options/answers which add up to a total you defined. This will allow the respondent to add a certain weight to each answer possibility.

Overview question types continuous sum

Learn all about creating a continuous sum question.

18 Interactive Image

This question type is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan only. Use an Interactive Image to let respondents select a part of an image. Here's another way where you can make your questionnaire more interesting than simply selecting a place from a drop-down list, for example.

Overview question types - interactive image

Learn how to make your image interactive.

19 File Upload

This feature is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan only. File Upload is the perfect way to get the extra documents you require from your respondent: a work history, an agenda, the yearly numbers, etc.

Overview question types file upload

Want to add this question to your survey? Read the File Upload guide.

20 XY Drag and Drop

This feature is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan on request. Let your respondents drag and drop items on a XY axis and collect the X, Y coordinates in the results section of Survey Anyplace.

Here's an example of how you can use this question.

Overview question types xy drag and drop

Check out the XY Drag and Drop guide here.

21 Signature

This question type is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan. Collect the respondent's signature as part of the questionnaire! You can use it to gain consent or to fill out a petition. Here's how the question could look:

signature example

Looks cool? Learn more here about a Signature question type!

22 Stripe Payment Processing

This question type is available on the Enterprise and ReportR plan. Survey Anyplace has teamed up with Stripe so that you can seamlessly and smoothly charge customers with no need to leave the survey.

stripe payment processing example

Want to add this to your survey? Read the full Stripe help guide and find out how!

Wow, we've covered an amazing range of different question types and your respondents are sure to be kept stimulated!

Didn't find what you were looking for? In the Enterprise plan, you can request custom question types that suit your questionnaire perfectly. You can always contact us with your request.

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