Quiz timer

Quiz timer

This feature is included in all plans.

Use a quiz timer to discourage respondents from searching on the internet for the right answers as they'll be out of time. Or just use it to build up the suspense!

Log in and you'll find this feature in the Extra options tab. Scroll down to Quiz options and click Quiz timer.

Quiz timer option

Now toggle to show quiz timer and you'll see a number of options:

quiz timer settings

  1. Show quiz timer - toggle the button to turn on the quiz timer feature.
  2. Timer value - this is the number of seconds the timer will last before ending the quiz.
  3. Show countdown - choose whether or not you want a bar below your quiz counting down the seconds of the timer (see image below).
  4. Skip to a specific question when the timer has ended - Turn this on and you'll be able to specify which question you want to skip to, e.g. demographic data or contact data. If you leave it off, the quiz will save and close when the timer runs out.

Make sure to click Save changes!

Here's how your question will look with a quiz timer at the bottom of the screen:

quiz timer - example

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