This feature is included in all paying plans.

When you take a quiz or test, it’s always fun to compare your results with others. This way you can see how well you’ve really done. Use our leaderboard feature to show everyone's results.

A leaderboard is a screen that you can choose to display at the beginning or end of the quiz or test showing everyone's scores. 

Leaderboards can also be useful for companies so colleagues can compare test results and see where they stand in the company or team. It's also an easy way to see who has already taken the test and who has yet to do it.

Add a leaderboard to your survey today!

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This is how a leaderboard looks:

leaderboard example

Log in and you'll find this feature in the Extra options tab.

Leaderboard extra options tab

Scroll down to Quiz options and click Leaderboard.

Choose leaderboard

Now this box will pop up:

Show leaderboard

Toggle the button to show leaderboard and then select if you want it shown at the start or end of the survey.

Don't forget to click Apply and you're done! You've now added a bit of competitive spirit to your survey!