Email notifications

Email notifications

This feature is included in all plans.

When you want to receive a notification every time the survey was completed, you can turn on Email notifications. Enter your email address and the email address of colleagues who need to receive the emails as well.

Log in and head to the Extra Options tab. Scroll down to Other options and click Email notifications.

Now toggle to turn on send email notifications.

Turn on email notifications

When it's turned on, click Add email and you'll be able to type in the email addresses. Click to add as many email addresses as you need. Make sure to Save changes when you're finished.

Email notifications - add email

Here's how the email will appear:

Email notifications example

tipTip: Want to write a custom email according to your respondent's answers? Go to the email templates tab and create a customized email for your respondents! You can write an email for those who for example, scored full marks on the quiz and congratulate the top respondents! See more for the email templatesAlso, if you're on the Enterprise plan or ReportR plan, you can also send an email based on the value of a formula. More about formulas here.

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