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Use our feature view question results to show how many people answered the same way or differently. It can be interesting for respondents to see how other respondents answered the same question. 

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In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Activate View question results
  2. Hide the previous button
  3. Activate API key
  4. What's next?

view question results example

1 Activate View question results

Go to the Extra Options tab in the Quiz Options section click View question results.

View question results

Go to View question results and then click activate view question results.

view question results - activate

Now you can decide if you want to show results per slide and/or show results at the end of the survey.

Tip: You'll need to weigh up if showing results per slide will lengthen your survey too much, or maybe it is appropriate and interesting.

Almost done! A couple more things you need to sort out...

2 Hide the Previous button

You don't want respondents going back and changing their answers if they find out they were wrong. To stop this from happening, you can remove the button that allows respondents to go back to the previous question. 

Find this setting in the Design tab, right down in the final section of Additional Design elements. Toggle to the left to hide the Previous button.

View questions results - show previous button

3 Activate API Key

One more thing you'll need to do. For the feature to work, an API key is required. Check if you have one by going to My Account...

view question results - my account

Scroll down to Technical info. If you see an API key already there, that's great! If not, click generate an API key - and that's all! Just hitting generate is enough; now the feature is ready!

API key - view question results

You’ll probably find the View Question Results feature useful if you’re using Survey Anyplace for voting or at an event, where the survey is short and snappy, and respondents are interested to know how their answers compare to others.

4 What's next?

When you’re using the software in this context, here are some other features you may be interested in:

 Can I buy Survey Anyplace for a one-off event? Yes, you certainly can. When you purchase an Essential or Professional license, you obtain the right to use the license for a period of one month. Downgrade to a free license within this period of one month, and the payments will automatically stop. Your paid license will remain valid till the renewal date. Be aware that with the free license, you will only be able to see 20 responses on the results pages.

Put an iPad in kiosk mode

A “kiosk” device is a computer or tablet that’s restricted to a single specific app. For small business owners, an iPad can be a great cost-effective solution to take advantage of kiosk devices. Read our how-to guide to learn how to set up the iPad and put it into kiosk mode.

Offline mode

The offline survey tool is perfect when conducting a survey at an event, in restaurants and shops, or if you want to conduct street interviews or surveys. Our offline survey tool offers all the convenience of an online survey, but it works when your internet connection is unstable or even if there's no WIFI connection at all.


You can use Survey Anyplace for voting sessions. Simply invite your respondents for your voting session by sending them an email or an SMS or ask them to enter the link when you present it on a presentation screen. Let the respondents enter their vote. Present the results on the presentation screen in real-time and use our application in presentation mode to include your logo. Use our automatic refresh feature to update incoming results.
Do you want to organize several voting sessions and eventually survey the participants of your event? You can do this with one app: use our Campaign and Respondent Portal (these are extra features on top of our Enterprise Plan) features. More info about Campaigns.

Kiosk mode

When you don't have the time or staff to operate your survey devices such as a tablet, you can just leave the tablet in kiosk mode at your event. Given that the questionnaire can automatically return to the Intro Screen, no staff is required. You might want to consider the following features when you leave your questionnaire unmanned: Automatic Back to Start, Idle timeout, and Save on Exit.

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