Convert CSV to Excel

You may have chosen to download your survey results as a CSV file if you have a large dataset. Downloading the CSV version of results is faster and consumes less memory than downloading as an Excel sheet when you have a large amount of data.

A CSV file is a text file containing a data list. They can be used for sharing data between different programs. Each line of the file is separated by commas.

After you've downloaded the CSV results file (see here to learn how to download results), it's time to take a look at the results. Of course, it's exciting to see them but just wait before opening the file. We need to convert the file because right now, it is in CSV format and looks like this:

CSV format example

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  1. Latest Excel versions
  2. Older Excel versions
  3. Converting CSV into Google Sheets
  4. What's next?

1 Latest Excel versions

When you're ready to download your results as a CSV file, click Save File rather than Open with

convert CSV to excel save file

Once you have saved the file, open a blank workbook in Excel. Go to the Data tab and click From Text/CSV.

convert csv to excel - get data

Choose the file that you have just downloaded from the software.

Now you'll see the screen below. Check the Delimiter is set to Semicolon, then click Load at the bottom of the box.

convert CSV to excel semicolon delimiter

Now your data should be divided into separate columns, one column for each question of the questionnaire. Make sure you save the Excel file!


Sometimes Excel places headers by default that need to be removed.

2 Older Excel versions

When you're ready to download your results as a CSV file, click Save File rather than Open with

convert CSV to excel save file

Once you have saved the file, open a blank workbook in Excel. Click on the Data tab and select From Text. Select the file you have just downloaded from the software.

Now you will see this screen. Make sure Delimited is selected as the file type, and then click Next.

convert CSV to excel - delimited

Now check the box to add Semicolon to the list of Delimiters. Then click Next.

convert CSV to excel choose semicolon delimiter

The Column Data format should be kept as General. Complete by clicking on Finish.

convert CSV to excel finish text to columns

Now all your data will be in separate columns, and you can save your Excel file.

3 Converting CSV to Google Sheets

Here's how to convert the CSV data into Google sheets so you can read it easily and perform analysis.

First, go ahead choose File and click Import to upload your CSV file into Google Sheets.

Google sheets csv convert

After you choose your file, the Import file window will pop up. Choose the Import location and Separator type. You can also convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas.

choose csv file to sheets

If you want to separate your values with something else than a comma, for example with a semicolon (;), you can click on Custom and enter your separator ";"

custom seperator

After you import your data, you can delete any additional columns that you don't want. And that's it!

4 What's next?

When else might you want to convert your CSV file to an Excel file?

  • If you are sending out your survey in multiple languages, one of the ways to set up the translations is to download the list of everything that needs translating and do the translation work in Microsoft Excel. The export will download as a CSV file, which you’ll then want to convert for editing in Microsoft Excel. Once you have done the translations, the file will need to be saved back to CSV format, ready for importing to Survey Anyplace.
  • The email templates feature allows you to send emails to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged! Spice up the email by adding some media.
  • Save contact details - If you're asking respondents for their personal information, use our save respondent details feature to build the contact list automatically.
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