Presentation View

Presentation View

This feature is included in all plans.

When you want to use your results in a presentation, you can use the Presentation view. You can easily switch between questions and show the answers and graphs in a clean and visual way to your audience. The Presentation view will use your colors and logo (see the quick start guide about uploading your logo and colors).

1 How to find the Presentation view

There are two ways to access the Results. You can click on the responses icon in the Home screen, or click the Results tab when you are editing your questionnaire.

presentation view responses icon

presentation view results tab

Once you are viewing Results, click Presentation to switch to the Presentation view.

presentation tab

The charts and text will be in the primary color you choose for your survey. Open-ended questions will be represented by a list of the answers.

Presentation view example

Close your Presentation view and return to your dashboard by clicking X in the top right corner.

2 Extra options

In your dashboard, click Options to find extra presentation view features.

presentation view options

Now click Edit presentation to change settings.

presentation view settings

  1. Enable Auto Refresh - When you are presenting your survey live while people are still completing the survey (e.g.: during a training to show the scores of the quiz, during a voting to show the progress, ...) you can enable Auto Refresh so that the presentation view will be updated with the newest results at all times. Indicate after how many seconds the presentation mode should refresh itself. When you have multiple questions the next question will show after that amount of seconds.
  2. Ranking - Show the answers that were chosen most frequently first.
  3. Limit Results - If you have a large number of results, turn on Limit Results and choose how many results to show. A useful feature if you have open-ended questions and don't want to show dozens of answers.

Tip: Create a Top 10 overview by turning on Ranking and set the Limit value to 10.

3 Quick Links

If you’re going to an event and you have to set up your presentation fast, you can already prepare a link that does this for you.
Use this link:

Add the specific settings you want to implement by writing the setting (Autofresh) followed by ‘=true’:

If you want to add several settings, combine them by using ‘&’:

Give it all a trial run by logging in here and giving it a go!

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