Responses View

This feature is included in all plans.

Now your results have come in, you might want to see how a particular respondent answered. Let's see how to view results by respondents.

1 Go to Responses view

There are two ways to access the Results. You can click on the responses icon in the Home screen, or click the Results tab when you are editing your questionnaire.

responses view icon

responses view results tab

Once you are viewing Results, click the Responses tab.

responses tab

2 View all Responses

In this view, you'll see every response including Intro fields if you used those (see here how to add Intro fields), the date and time and how long it took to complete the questionnaire.

Tip: When you have uploaded the respondents up front and sent them a personalized link, you will be able to search by respondents.

Responses view intro fields

3 View Response Details

Click on the circled icon to view details of a specific response. You could also delete specific responses by clicking X.

responses view details

You will see the detailed view of the response showing all answers.

responses view response details example

While you are viewing an individual response, you can download that response by clicking Download and then select Session detail PDF and click Download.

Responses view - download

Responses view - download session detail

To delete multiple responses, check the box next to the responses and click Delete selected responses.

Responses view - delete responses

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