Overview of assessment features

An assessment is a set of questions you compile and by assigning scoring to the questions, you can assess the respondent's level of knowledge of information or about your company or product. Based on their level of knowledge, you can give specific advice or information once they have completed the assessment.

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If you're making an assessment (view the assessment quick start guide), check out this list of features that you could include.

We'll discuss:

  1. Outcomes
  2. Email templates
  3. Custom scoring
  4. Social media options to share results
  5. Save respondent details
  6. Add a password
  7. Automatic PDF report generator

Features are available for all plans unless otherwise specified.

1 Outcomes

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Outcomes is a feature that allows you to show different final screens depending on how respondents answered the assessment. Create a number of different final screens to be shown in different scenarios. You could give specific advice if respondents chose a lot of incorrect answers, or some insight if it's a personality assessment.

Read the guide and learn exactly how to create your outcome screens.

2 Email templates

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

The email templates feature allows you to send emails to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged! 

You can email respondents with information based on their knowledge level, for example, for a respondent who did well on an assessment of their knowledge in a particular area, send them more advanced information than to a beginner. Or email them with next action to take if they've received a certain score. You might advise the respondent to talk to their manager or take a course if they did not score so well on a skills test.

Find out just how to set up your email templates here.

3 Custom scoring

This feature is included in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Custom Scoring is a score that you allocate for each answer, and will not be shown to respondents. You will be able to view the scores on the results page.

The custom score feature is found in the Extra Options tab. Enable custom scoring then you will be able to add a score next to each answer of your assessment.

assessment features - custom scoring

All the steps you need to take are outlined here.

4 Social media options to share results

When you turn on Social media options, respondents will be able to share or like your questionnaire on social media or share your Facebook page or website.

Social media options can be found in the Other options section of the Extra Options tab. This is the screen that you'll see. You'll be able to choose the exact options for sharing with Facebook and AddThis.

assessment features - social media options

When you've turned on the social media options, your final screen will show the buttons here (yours may differ depending on the options you've chosen):

assessment features - social media examples

Check out this guide to know exactly which type of buttons you be right for your goal.

5 Save contact details

This feature is included in the Enterprise plan only.

If you're asking respondents for their personal information, why not save yourself time later on, and rather than transferring the data collected to a new contact list, use our save contact details feature to build the contact list automatically. This is a great way to make your follow-up more efficient!

This feature is also found in Other options.

assessment features - save respondent details

Once you have activated the save contact details, you need to choose where the contact details should be taken from. For a detailed explanation read the guide.

assessment features - save respondent details settings

6 Add a password

Single password is included in all plans. Multiple passwords feature is included in the Enterprise plan.

If the assessment or advice you'll give is confidential, protect your assessment with a password.

To add a password, go to the Share tab. Toggle the button to protect your questionnaire with a single password. A box will appear for you to type your chosen password. Don't forget to send it out to respondents so they know what they need to enter!

assessment features - add password

For more detail about adding single and multiple passwords, click here.

7 Automatic PDF report generator

Take assessment reports to the next level by providing respondents with a personalized PDF report based on the answers they gave. Email us to find out more.

Now you know all the awesome features to add to your assessment!

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