Overview of quiz features

If you're making a quiz (read the quick guide here), you'll want to know all the fun features that you can include. This guide will give you a summary of the features you can use, and point you in the right direction when there's more to know about the feature.

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Here's what this guide will cover:

  1. Leaderboard
  2. Quiz timer
  3. Show quiz score as percentage
  4. Show quiz score in gauge
  5. View correct answer options
  6. View question results
  7. Question pool
  8. Randomize questions
  9. Outcomes screen at end of quiz

Features are available in all plans unless otherwise specified. Here's an example of a quiz you can take. 

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1 Leaderboard

Use the leaderboard so respondents can see how their score compares to their peers or colleagues.


A leaderboard looks like this:

overview quiz features - leaderboard

You'll find the Leaderboard option in the Extra Options tab in the Quiz options section. You can choose to show the leaderboard at the beginning or end of the questionnaire.

Read more here.

2 Quiz timer

Use a quiz timer so respondents will not have all the time they want to search for the answers on the web! You'll find this feature in the Extra Options tab in the Quiz options section. 

quiz timer

Choose how many seconds you want to give for each question, whether to display the timer and which question to skip to when the timer has finished.

See more details in this guide.

3 Show quiz score as a percentage

The score a respondent obtains is by default shown as a fraction, e.g.: 3/5. Show quiz score as a percentage so that the score will be shown as a percentage, e.g.: 60%. Find this in Quiz options in the Extra options tab.

Overview of quiz features - quiz score as percentage

4 Show quiz score in gauge

Turn on this feature to show quiz score as an animated gauge on the final screen. 

Find the button in the Quiz options in the Extra Options tab.

overview quiz features gauge image

Tip: If you want to show your quiz scores in a gauge and use the Outcomes feature, we recommend choosing the basic outcomes screen. Read the full Outcomes guide here.

5 View correct answer

When you turn this question into a quiz question, you'll see a text box where you can explain the correct answer. 

overview quiz features - question explanation

Toggle the buttons to determine how to show the respondents the correct answers on the final screen.

view correct answers

At the end of the quiz, there will be a button for respondents to click View correct answers.

overview quiz features - view correct answers button


If you don't want to display the View correct answers, you can change it from Labels and messages.

Respondents can then go back over the quiz and they'll see which answers were correct and incorrect, and the question explanation you've entered will show under the answer options.

6 View question results

After a respondent has answered a question, they can see a percentage of the number of times each response was selected. To use this feature, make sure you create an API key in the 'Account' menu.

view question results

7 Question pool

This feature is available in all paying plans.

Use a question pool to group your questions together and specify how many questions from the pool should be shown to each respondent. The questions will be randomly selected. If you have a quiz of 10 questions, a selection of 5 questions could be shown to each respondent and you should get a better response rate with a shorter quiz. 

To group your questions into a question pool, click the Question grouping & Question pool option. You'll find it in the Question logic section in the Extra Options tab.

You could put all your questions into one question pool or have some questions fixed and others in the question pool. There are a few steps to follow, so it's worth reading the full guide here!

8 Randomize questions

Randomize questions means that all of your questions will be shuffled in a random order every time someone opens the questionnaire. This can be useful for a quiz when you don't want respondents to look at each others' answers, as everyone will behave their questions in a different order.

You can choose to have some questions in a random order, and some questions, such as demographic data questions, fixed to show at the beginning of the survey.

Learn how to randomize your set of questions here.

9 Outcomes screen at end of quiz

This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans only.

End your quiz on a high note by showing respondents a final screen based on their answers or score.

For example, you could make three different screens for Expert, Intermediate, and Beginner. All correct answer options will be linked with the Expert screen and other answers you can link with the other screens. Whichever answer was chosen most frequently will determine which screen the respondent will see as the final screen.

Here's how your final outcome screen could look:

final outcome example

Learn all about it here!

Have fun creating a quirky quiz with all of these features!

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