Results of campaign

This feature is only included in the Enterprise plan with option Campaigns.

You've got your campaign up and running and now you want to view the results. We'll take a look at the different options available on the Results page.

Within your campaign, click the Results tab.

campaign results tab

1 Export options

Click Download your CSV to access the downloading options for your data.

campaign results - download CSV

  1. Specify the email address who to send this csv to. The email address of the account will be automatically filled in, so edit it here if it needs to be sent to someone else.
  2. From and to date - use the calendar to specify dates for data to be downloaded that was collected between these dates.
  3. Download CSV with responses - this file will include all responses to questionnaires that were part of the campaign, even responses which were not actually collected as part of the campaign.
  4. Download CSV with contacts - the data will show responses given by each contact for all questionnaires in the campaign.

Tip: Read this guide to learn how to convert a CSV file to an Excel file with all the results in separate columns.

2 Overview results

The overview section shows the respondents who have participated in the campaign. It includes:

  • their progress
  • their total score
  • their best score of the campaign.

Set up a Filter if you only want to view selected respondents.

campaign results - filter

Tip: For a detailed list of charts displaying the responses for each question, go to the specific questionnaire and look at the charts view in the Results section.

3 Email results

Here's where you can check the status of email invitations you have sent out. See which respondents opened and clicked.

campaign email results

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