This feature is included the Enterprise plan only.

A great new feature that allows you create your own formula using items from your questionnaire. You can use the /*-+() to create formulas using variables such as answers or quiz scores to calculate an average, for example.

Can't wait to create your formula? Make sure your questionnaire is completed then head straight to the Extra Options tab and select Formulas.

Choose Formulas features

Click Create formula and you're on your way! Let's see how to build the formula.

Create formulas

  1. Title - name your formula. Make it something that will be clear to you if you want to come back to edit it.
  2. Variable - you cannot edit the variable but you can copy it to use in outcomes, email templates or results.
  3. The formula - build you formula here. Use the circled symbols to put your formula together. Click on the P to access the drop-down menu of questionnaire variables that you can use in your formula. For example, you could write:


One formula isn't enough for you? Click Create formula to add as many new formulas as you like.

Want to add a more advanced formula? Here's how you can use different variables in your formula:

  • {QB1_CUSTOM_SCORE} - the question block custom score value that was obtained. It is valid for the respondent who’s taking the questionnaire and will add the custom scores of each answer in one question block. You can use this variable in your formula or also as a piping variable
  • {QB1_CUSTOM_SCORE_PERCENTAGE} - the question block custom score value as percentage. It's the same as the variable just discussed {QB1_CUSTOM_SCORE} but will calculate as a percentage.
  • {QB1_CUSTOM_MAX_SCORE} - the maximum total score for one question block.
  • {Q1_CUSTOM_SCORE} - the custom score value for this specific question.
  • {Q1_CUSTOM_SCORE_PERCENTAGE} - this is the same as above {Q1_CUSTOM_SCORE} but then calculated as a percentage.
  • {CUSTOM_SCORE} - the value of all custom scores for all questions (or for all question blocks) together.
  • {CUSTOM_SCORE_PERCENTAGE} - the value of the custom score as a percentage compared to the max score.
  • {CUSTOM_MAX_SCORE} - the maximum score for the whole questionnaire.

For advanced users we recommend Matha built-in object that has properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. More information can be found here:

How can your formula be used?

You can create an outcome that will be displayed based on the value of the formula, or send an email after survey completion, depending on the result of the formula.

Outcome based on formula

Once you have saved your formula, click on the Outcomes feature in Extra options. See this guide for full details about setting up your Outcome screen. We'll just look at the final part, which is where the Formula function comes in. You'll need to select Show this outcome when a certain condition is met. From the drop-down menu, click Formula.

Formula in outcome

Now use the drop-down menus that will come up to choose which formula you want to use, how it should be used and what the values should be.

Specify formula for outcome

Click Apply and your Outcome is now set to be shown with the right formula value.

Email template based on formula

Once you have saved your formula, click on the Email templates feature in Extra options. See this guide for full details about setting up your email templates. When you need to specify when to send the email, this is where the Formula function comes in. Just click on the arrow and select Formula.

Formula - email templates

Now you can choose which formula you want to be used and for which values you want the email to be sent out. Click Apply and you're all set.

That's all! Now log in and try out the formulas feature for yourself!