Joomla Plugin Manual

Joomla Plugin Manual

This guide will tell you exactly how to install the Survey Anyplace plugin.

Joomla is a content management system that is free and open-source and is used for publishing web content. It is written in PHP and helps you build websites with powerful features.

Add the Joomla Survey Anyplace plugin to embed your survey or quiz into your website with just one click!

First Steps to install the Survey Anyplace Plugin

Download the Survey Anyplace plugin (

Log into your Joomla administrative dashboard. In the top menu, click Extensions and then click Manage -> Install

Joomla control panel

Drag and drop the downloaded surveyanyplace-1.0 file here. The upload will start automatically.

Uplad and install Joomla extension

The Survey Anyplace Plugin will be installed

Joomla message

Activate and prepare the Survey Anyplace plugin for use

In the top menu of your Joomla Dashboard, click Extensions and then click Plugins.

Joomla extensions install

Write survey in the search bar and click the search icon.

Joomla survey search bar

Click on the status icon (the little red cross) to activate the plugin.

Joomla survey status icon

You’re ready to go! The plugin is activated! Let’s prepare the plugin for use.

Write tiny in the search bar and select the file “Editor – TinyMCE”.

Joomla TinyMCE

Click on the Set 0 tab.

Joomla set 0

Scroll down until you find the Prohibited Elements setting:

The default text is script,applet,iframe. Delete “,iframe” so that the setting now reads script,applet.

Joomla prohibited elements - script applet

Click Save in the top left menu.


How to use the plugin

Your editor will have a shiny new Survey Anyplace button by now. Click it!

Joomla editor

Fill in the required fields and click Add Survey.

Joomla add survey

If you are not sure about the link of your survey, you can find it by logging in to Survey Anyplace, selecting the survey you wish to use and going to the Share tab. The correct link for your survey is listed there.

Joomla share link

A preview of your survey will be added into the editor. You can always edit the way your survey is embedded by clicking on the Toggle editor, or simply select the survey and click insert/edit media button.

Click Save in the top left menu.

All done… You did a great job!

Survey Anyplace offers a number of useful integrations. Check out the list of integrations available.

Here is a selection – click on the link to get to the detailed help guide.

  • Use Google Analytics to capture extra data that will allow you to make analyses across different channels. For example, to check if there are discrepancies between your website visitors and your social following.
  • Google Tag Manager is a tag system that Google has created which can be used for tracking and analytics on websites. It can be used to track respondents' behavior in your survey or to find out how effective an advert promoting your survey has been.
  • Zapier integration - Zapier is a tool that enables transfer of data from one web app to another one. By using Zapier in combination with Survey Anyplace, you can send the data collected within your survey to create contacts in Survey Anyplace, or send data to apps such as Google sheets, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Trello, and many more.
  • Integromat integration - With the Survey Anyplace integration, you have loads of possibilities of actions that can be executed by Integromat when you receive a new survey response - integrate with Google Sheets, Twilio, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Dropbox and many more. Integromat offers similar features to Zapier but is more powerful as you can set a single event to trigger a number of different actions to be taken simultaneously.
  • Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you to see actions people are taking on your website. Use Facebook Pixel with Survey Anyplace to find out how many people entered the survey via the Facebook ad, including how many started and completed the survey.
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