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Do you have all of your questions already typed in a Word document? Have no fear of having to re-type them all! You can easily upload them into the questionnaire with (almost) one click of a button! 

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Head to the questionnaire editor. You'll see the Import questions button at the very bottom of the ? Questions.

Import questions button

Import questions button

Click the button and a box will appear where you can simply paste all the questions that you have typed up. Take care to follow the specified formatting, using a new line for each answer, and leave a line between questions. 


Be aware that all questions will be imported as Text Choice questions, which is great if all of your questions are that type. If you need a different format, such as continuous sum, or any of the 20+ question types on offer, you should add those manually.

Click Preview import once you've inserted all of your questions.

import questions preview

Now's your chance to check through that all questions and answers appear correctly. If you want to mark correct answers, it's easy to toggle the button and saves time going through the questions individually after import. Once it's ready to go, just click Confirm import.

Import questions - preview import

You're done! Feel great for all that time you saved yourself not having to re-type your questions!

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