How can I create a grid or matrix question?

Grid or matrix questions are not user-friendly on mobile devices and are therefore not offered as a question type on Survey Anyplace. But no worries, it's easy enough to create a similar type of question using the Form question type. We'll explain how you can create a matrix-type question like the one below using form fields. Read our full guide on form questions.

Matrix/grid example of form

Start by logging in and adding a form question to your questionnaire.

Grid/matrix - form question

Type your question and then choose each form field to be a Dropdown field type.

Matrix/grid - dropdown form field

Now you can name each form field, equivalent to naming the rows of a matrix. Underneath the field name, type the answers that you want to appear in the drop-down menu, each separated by a comma. This would be similar to the column names you would have at the top of a matrix question. In our example, we used a Likert scale of satisfaction, and simply typed the list for form field 1, and then copied it for the next 2 form fields.

Tip: Don't forget that each answer option will be displayed on a new line of the drop-down menu so make sure to capitalize the beginning of each answer.

This is how the form question will appear when the first answer box is selected:

The respondent can easily select the appropriate answer, and then move on to the second and third fields, and they're done. You're done too, having created a great mobile-friendly matrix style question!

Tip: Other ideas for your drop-down could be numbers 1-10, strongly agree---strongly disagree, extremely important---extremely unimportant etc.