How can I create a grid or matrix question?

How can I create a grid or matrix question?

A matrix question is a type of closed question that uses the same answer scale for a number of different questions, displaying them in a table or grid layout. The rows are the question statements, and the columns are the answer options.

Grid or matrix questions are not user-friendly on mobile devices and are therefore not offered as a question type on Survey Anyplace. But no worries, it's easy enough to create a similar type of question using the Form, Text Choice, Slider number or, Slider Text question type. 

We'll explain how you can create a matrix-type question like the ones below:

  1.  Using Slider & Radio Button Rating
  2. Using Form
  3. Using Text Choice

1 Using Slider & Radio Button Rating

When you have a few questions that all have the same answer scale, using these types of questions offers the benefit that respondents can quickly answer the questions as they are grouped together on one screen.

Start by logging in and then add either Text Slider, Number Slider, or Radio Button Rating types of questions.

add slider or radio button rating question

Type in your question and answer options. You can read more about Radio Button Rating, Slider (Text), and Slider (Numbers).

Add questions for matrix

After you have created your questions, go ahead and start question grouping them! You can read more about Question grouping.

question grouping for matrix

Toggle the button for Group questions on the same screen

Group questions on the same screen

If you group the Slider (text), Slider (numbers), Radio Button Rating types of questions on the same screen, it will ask you to choose a Standard, Condensed, or Table Display.

Choose the way questions are displayed

This is how the Table display will appear;

Matrix question - table display

The respondent can easily select the appropriate answer and then move on to the next question, and they're done. You're done, too; you created a great mobile-friendly matrix-style question!

2 Using Form

We'll explain how you can create a matrix-type question like the one below using form fields. Read our full guide on form questions.

With your matrix-type question laid out as a form, you’ll avoid the pitfall that can happen with a traditional grid layout where respondents answer too quickly and go down the column selecting the same answer each time.

example matrix type question

Add a form question to your questionnaire.

add form

Type your question and then choose each form field to be a Dropdown field type.

form question settings

Now you can name each form field, equivalent to naming the rows of a matrix. Underneath the field name, type the answers that you want to appear in the drop-down menu, each separated by a comma. This would be similar to the column names you would have at the top of a matrix question. In our example, we used a Likert scale of satisfaction and simply typed the list for form field 1 and then copied it for the next 2 form fields.

We recommend offering not more than 5 answer options to keep things clear and user-friendly.

Tip: Don't forget that each answer option will be displayed on a new line of the drop-down menu, so make sure to capitalize the beginning of each answer.

This is how the form question will appear when the first answer box is selected:

example of form question

Tip: Other ideas for your drop-down could be numbers 1-10, strongly agree---strongly disagree, extremely important---extremely unimportant, etc.

Some ideas for this question type:

  • Rating of different aspects of consumer’s experience, allowing them to rate their satisfaction level for each one
  • Asking for respondent’s agreement with a range of statements – you can use this type of form question if your statements are short; otherwise, consider using a text slider question with one question per screen if your statements are longer or more complex
  • Asking respondents to rate how important they feel an issue is
  • Use a scale of frequency (never…always) for respondents to rate how often they do a number of activities

3 Using Text Choice

Add Text Choice question to your questionnaire

add text choice

Type your question and add the answer options to your question. You can read more here about Text Choice.

matrix example text choice

This is how your question will look like

text choice question example for matrix

You can check the example we have prepared for you.

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