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The Question block KPI widget is most useful when you have question blocks in your questionnaire together with custom scoring.

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Question Block KPI allows you to easily display your dimensions in a pre-formatted chart. Here's an example of how the question block KPI widget could look:

PDF Question block KPI

This guide will cover the following sections:

  1. Setting up the widget
  2. Widget logic rules
  3. Other available widgets

1 Setting up the widget

1.1 Specify thresholds

The question block KPI widget will give the respondents the custom score they received for each question block. Underneath the score shown for each block, there will be a progress line. You can set the color of the progress line by specifying thresholds. Note that the thresholds are calculated as a percentage rather than the absolute number of your custom scoring. 

Here is an example of how you can set your thresholds:

ReportR question block KPI thresholds

Type in the min and max percentages of the threshold, then use the color picker tool to choose which color that part of the progress line should be. Click Add threshold and repeat until you have specified the colors for the entire progress line.

1.2 Select KPIs to display

Now click Add KPI, then select the question block KPIs which you want to display. You can add as many KPIs as you want to display.

ReportR - question block KPI

Make sure that you have named your question groups so that the KPIs will be titled in the PDF report.

Tip: To make advanced design changes, use custom CSS.

1.3 Widget Placement

Choose how you would like to align the question block KPI widget. You can choose to align it to one side and have explanatory text or another widget on the other side or center it.

PDF Question block KPI placement

  • Left - widget will be aligned to the left side of the page, in a column layout
  • Center - widget will be presented centered across the entire page from the left to the right (full width)
  • Right - widget will be aligned to the right side of the page, in a column layout

If you would like a widget to appear side-by-side the question block KPIs, make sure to set the widget aligned on one side of the page, and the KPIs on the other. For example, choose to align the text widget to the left, and align the question block KPI widget to the right.

Click the Update preview button to see how the widget you've created looks like

preview button

Take a look below at some different layout possibilities:

PDF Question block KPI placement

2 Widget logic rules

If you want to only show this widget under certain conditions, it's time to set the widget logic rules. If you want to show a general widget that is visualized every time a PDF report is generated, you can choose not to include a widget logic rule. Learn more about Widget Logic

Add widget logic rule

Once you've saved your logic rules, don't forget to save PDF and you're ready to add more widgets!

3 Other available widgets

Why not check out our other widget guides and learn how to add other types of content to your PDF? 

Here is a full list of widgets like text, image, table, and more!

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