Simultaneous logins

Simultaneous logins

It is no longer possible to log in to the same Survey Anyplace account from multiple devices simultaneously if you're on the free, essential, or professional plans. Similarly, simultaneous logins are no longer allowed across different browsers. Having more than one person logged into the account has created issues in the past of losing work that has been done on the survey, or report template.

When a second person tries to log in to the account, they will see this warning message. The second person can choose to continue, which will make all other open logins on the same account inactive, or to cancelĀ the login, and they will return to the login page.

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If you want to have the capability for more than one team member to work in the application, sign up for the Enterprise plan or ReportR plan. These plans have a team management feature that allows you to create accounts for all of your team members (or create multiple administrators) at a small additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

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