Custom Leaderboard

This feature is available on request.

You may have already seen the leaderboard feature which shows everyone else's scores at the beginning or end of the questionnaire. With the custom leaderboard feature, you can decide which question responses or other variables you want to display and limit the number of responses shown.

Want to show a custom leaderboard to your respondents?

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This is an example custom leaderboard displayed at the start of the questionnaire. You can add as many columns as you want to your custom leaderboard and you decide where the data should be taken from - data does not have to be taken from intro fields like the default dashboard feature, but you can use responses to any question or formula result.

Custom leaderboard example

You'll find the custom leaderboard feature in the Extra Options tab.

Custom leaderboard - extra options tab

Scroll down and click Custom leaderboard. Toggle to activate custom leaderboard and you'll be shown a few options so you can create your leaderboard as you wish!

Custom leaderboard settings

Decide if you want your custom leaderboard displayed at the start or end of your questionnaire. Now you can decide the limit of number of previous responses to display. Don't set your limit too high otherwise your leaderboard will be very long!

The custom leaderboard is built by adding columns, each one corresponding to a variable of your choice, which could be question responses, formula results or other variables. Click add column to add as many columns to your leaderboard as you require.

Custom leaderboard - column details

  1. Column name - name each of your columns in this text box. The column name will be displayed to respondents at the top of the column.
  2. Click on the arrow to access the drop-down menu of many variables that you can choose to add to your custom leaderboard. Choose from question responses, question block custom score ranking, formula result ranking table and more!

Don't forget to click Apply and you're done.