Add to formula with question logic

Set up your questionnaire with Formulas and Question logic to add a value to a formula when a certain condition is met. This can be done on a specific answer to a question, on a custom score on a question block, or even an intro field.

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You've set up a great questionnaire and you're wondering how to show outcomes based on formula results. Look no further... this guide will take you through it step-by-step! 

This video explains how to use formulas to show the right outcome based on scores:

We'll start by creating formulas that will be used in question logic. The question logic will dictate how many points to add to the formula and we'll use those calculations to put together the outcome screen conditions. In this guide we'll discuss;

  1. Create Formulas
  2. Set up Question logic with Formulas
  3. Test your Formulas
  4. Set up Outcomes

1 Create Formulas

Start by creating a formula for each outcome that you want to display. In the Extra Options tab, you'll find the Formulas feature under the heading of Custom scoring

Now click Create formula and create a formula for each outcome. In the text field of each formula, enter a 0 (zero). Click Apply to save all of your formulas.

creating formula

2 Set up Question logic with Formulas

Now head over to the Question logic feature (also in the Extra options tab).

Create rules to specify how many points to add to each formula option when a particular answer is selected. You'll need to set up a question logic rule for each of the answers to all of the questions.

Let's take look at an example to make things more clear. We can set up a question logic rule as follows: IF answer on question 2 is equal to answer 1 THEN add to formula Sluggish, 2 points. The 2 points scored will be added to the formula "Sluggish" at the back-end, and as the respondent continues through the questionnaire, scores will be added to the different formulas according to the question logic that has been set up for each answer.

Formula and custom score example

3 Test your formulas

It's worth running a few tests to check that your formulas are correct. A quick way to do this is to add all of the formula variables (e.g. *|f2_result|*) to the final screen so all formula results will show up each time you complete the survey. Just click Preview and you can try out your survey a few times in Preview mode. No results will be saved.

This is how your formula results could be shown all together on the final screen:

formula example

4 Set up Outcomes

Now that you are sure your formulas are working, you can set up the conditions for each outcome screen. Choose to show this outcome... when a certain condition is met. Set the condition based on a formula

For example, to show the Outcome screen for someone who received a score that would rank them "Super sharp!", set the conditions that the formula result for Super sharp has to be greater than *|f1_result|* and *|f2_result|* and *|f3_result|*.

Formula with custom score outcome conditions

Set the conditions for each of the outcome screens, click Apply and you're ready to roll!

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