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The Media Library feature allows you to save images that will be available for you to use in every survey or PDF in your account. Media Library is used to host images on Survey Anyplace so you don't have to upload it anywhere else.

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In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Upload your media
  2. Add media to your questionnaire or PDF report

1 Upload your media

Start by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top-right hand corner of the screen, and click Media Library.

Media Library

Now it's time to decide which folder you want to add the images to. You will see that there's already one folder named Uncategorized which you can keep for individual images. If you plan to add multiple images to a particular folder, you will first need to create a folder by clicking on the button Add Folder. Name the folder, and click Save and close.

Media Library Add Folder

Now you can add the images by simply clicking the button Add image and choose your method of uploading the image (upload from your computer, copy-paste, or drag and drop them).


The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the Media library is 2 MB.

2 Add media to your questionnaire or PDF report

To add the image to your questionnaire or widget (for the personalized PDF reports), click on the Copy button to copy the image link.

Media Library copy image link

Head back to the home page and click on the name of the questionnaire you're working on OR click the ReportR tab and select the respective PDF if you want to add the image to a PDF. You now have 2 options of how to add the media.

2.1 Add media using the Insert Image button

Go to the question you want to add the image to, click on the Insert Image icon and paste the link that you've copied in there. Click Insert and now your image will show up in the text.

Media Library - add image to text

2.2 Add media using Add Media button

Alternatively, you can click the button underneath the text box to Add media.

Media library - add media

When the file upload box appears, click to add a link and paste the copied image link into the text box.

Media library - enter image URL

That's all! You're done and all set up to add images swiftly to your surveys!

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