Email verification on registration

Can't verify your email?

This document explains the new registration flow.

1 Registration

After registration, you will be redirected to the verification page.

An email will be sent to verify your account (see 3).

2 Verification page

On this page you will get the explenation that you will need to verify your account via the received email. If you did not receive an email you can request a new one. Should you still not receive an email, contact support.

3 The email

This link is valid for a period of 1 day. (see 4)

4 The verification

The link in the email will open the editor and then your account will be verified. If something goes wrong, you can always request a new email and/or contact support.

If the verification is succesful, you will be redirected to the branding page.

When the link is clicked after 1 day, an error message will be displayed and you can request a new email.

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