How to get started with Survey Anyplace

This guide will show you how to use the Survey Anyplace app after logging in and landing on the Starting Page. Let's take you through; 

  1. Home Screen
  2. Nav-bar
  3. Extra Settings

1 Home Screen

Once you have logged in, the initial page consists of the Active Questions and Responses table, Recent Questionnaires, All activity, Organization statistics, Recent Reports, and Latest News.

starting page of survey anyplace

  • Response Chart - The main table shows the Active Questionnaires, Responses, and ReportR downloads you have.
  • Recent Questionnaires - shows the questionnaires you have created. You can click View all to see all the questionnaires you have created.
  • Recent Reports - shows the ReportR PDFs that you and your team have created.
  • All activity - shows the activity that has been done on that account (if you have a team, it shows everyone's activities).
  • Latest news - the latest updates that have been done by the Survey Anyplace team. 
  • Organization Statistics - shows the numbers of Team members, Unactivated team members, and the Questionnaires.

2 Nav-bar

  • Questionnaires - This is where you will find all of your questionnaires; you can create or edit them. Learn how to create your first assessment.
  • Campaigns - You can group all of your questionnaires under one link using Campaigns. Read more about how to create a campaign.
  • Contacts - This is where you invite people to participate in your questionnaire or campaign. You can create a contact list by inviting people via email.
  • ReportR - This is where you can create or edit your PDF reports. It formulates a personalized report for your respondent, with customized advice, feedback, and tips you have set up based on the answers. Learn how to create your first PDF.
  • Pricing - This is where you will find the price list and the plans available.

3 Extra settings

If you click on the three dots shown at the top left corner of the screen, you will see My Account, Email Invitations, Media Library, External Fields, and Logout.

Three dots settings

  • My Account - consists of your Personal info, Technical info, Your plan and Say goodbye that lets you delete your account. Read more about My Account.
  • Email Invitations - emails sent to your saved contacts containing a link to your questionnaire and are fully customizable. See Email notifications to learn how to set this up.
  • Media Library - this feature allows you to save images that will be available for you to use in your surveys and PDFs. Read Media Library to learn how to use it. 
  • External Fields - allows you to pull in data from external sources. Learn more about Extern Fields and how to pull data from sources like Google Spreadsheets.
  • Logout - Click to log out of your account.

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