Email Analytics Dashboard

The Email Analytics feature allows you to analyze the data of the emails you have sent out to your respondents using Email templates. Email templates are useful because each email can be customized according to each respondent's answer or score. 

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With Email Analytics, you can have an overview of the attempted emails sent per template and detect if, when, or why an email has not been sent.

After setting up your Email Templates, to analyze the email data go to the Extra options tab and scroll down to Email templates and click Analyze Email.

Analyze email tab

Now you'll be able to see the details of the emails you've sent - if the email was received, opened, and whether or not the links were clicked on...

Email templates Analyze email data

  1. Sync Results - allows you to manually refresh/update your data
  2. Filter - Click the arrow to filter your results based on delivery state
  3. Export to CSV - click if you want to export the data outside the software into a CSV file
  4. Contact - the recipients' email addresses if linked with contacts
  5. Response -  When a response has been collected you can click on the ID card icon to open the response details

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