View question results

This feature is included in the Enterprise plan only.

It can be interesting for respondents to see how other respondents answered the same question. Use our feature view question results to show how many people answered the same way or differently.

You'll find this feature in the Extra Options tab in the Questionnaire Logic section.

view question results image1

Click View question results and then activate view question results.

view question results image2

Now you can decide if you want to show results per slide and/or show results at the end of the survey.

Tip: You'll need to weigh up if showing results per slide will lengthen your survey too much, or maybe it is appropriate and interesting.

Almost done! One more thing you'll need to do - go to My Account...

view question results image3

Scroll down to Technical info and generate an API key in order for the feature to work. Just hitting generate is enough, now the feature is ready!