Track respondents' progress

This feature is only included in the Enterprise plan.

When you have uploaded your contacts, you can send your respondents a personalized survey link so that you'll be able to track their progress, see who has completed and search by respondents in the Results section.

Tip: Creating your own personalized link is needed if you want to send out the questionnaire link yourself to each respondent, for example by SMS. If you use the email invitations feature, you can include an invite variable with the respondent ID attached at the end of the link and you will not have to create the links yourself.

Let's see how to build the personalized link. Log in and find the questionnaire link over here:

track respondents progress image1

We'll be using this link and adding information at the end of the link. You'll need to copy down the full link, both the beginning part in grey and the end part.

You can use different fields from the contact information to add to the end of the link. At the end of the survey link that you have, first add /?rid= and then any of the following endings depending on the data you choose to use:

  • Using the email address:
  • Using the unique identifier:

Tip: For maximal safety, the use of the unique identifier is recommended because it's value cannot be 'guessed'. 

The campaign menu and the underlying questionnaires look exactly the same whether they are launched with a respondent identifier or without (anonymous mode):

track respondents progress image2

When a respondent has completed a survey/quiz, this becomes visible in the campaign menu:

track respondents progress image3

To see all respondents for a campaign, scroll down to All Campaigns at the bottom of the Home screen, and click the icon to view respondents for the campaign.

track respondents progress image4

This displays the respondents along with the total score (if a score was added to the survey/quiz) and the progress. The progress is the number of surveys/quizzes already taken by the respondent vs. the total number of surveys/quizzes in the campaign.

Make sure to send the right link to the right respondent and you're set to go!