Typeahead Form

This feature is included in the Enteprise plan only.

A Typeahead Form question is perfect when you have many answers which you want the respondent to choose from. The respondent can search the list by typing the first letters of the word and the corresponding answers will appear. The Typeahead Form has an added benefit over the Typeahead Autosuggest as you can upload extra information which will be automatically filled in when the respondent chooses the answer from the first field.

An example will make this clearer. If you are going to use the application during an employee event, you can use this question type to ask respondents to select their name from the list. Automatically when they choose their name, other details such as their department or role will be picked up and filled in.

A great time-saver for respondents! And for you - you won't have to search through and cross-reference data later... so let's see how to create this question type. Log in and follow the steps below!

1 Add a Typeahead Form question

In the Questions tab, click the button +Add question.

Typeahead form image1

Select Typeahead Form and click Add question.

Typeahead form image2

Great! You added your question, now let's see how to change the general question settings, edit the question and upload answers.

Typeahead form image3

2 Change the general question settings

Typeahead form image4

  1. Click the arrow to hide the question when you're not currently editing it.
  2. This is the question number. You can always change the order of your survey questions by choosing a different question number. Want respondents to answer this question earlier in the survey? Select a lower number to move it to an earlier position.
  3. Changed your mind about the question type? Here you can change it immediately to another type. Your question will remain but your answers will disappear.
  4. Reusing your survey or quiz for multiple audiences? If the question is not relevant for your current respondents, easily switch the active button to inactive or vice versa. This feature is only available on the Enterprise plan.
  5. Click on the first icon to Copy your question, the X to Delete and the eye to Preview.

3 Edit the question

Typeahead form image5

  1. Add your question here. Use the rich text editor icons to make your text bigger, add emojis, change the alignment and more - click here for more info.
  2. Click Add media or Add YouTube video to upload images or videos to make your questionnaire more entertaining. The image or video will be displayed above your question. The file needs to be under 2MB. To add a YouTube video, paste a YouTube link after you've clicked the Add YouTube video button.
  3. Make the question mandatory - toggle the button to require respondents to answer the question before moving to the next question.

4 Upload answers

Create a CSV file with the column names along the top row, and the details you want to upload for each respondent in the rows underneath. Here is an example:

Typeahead form image6

When you have made your file in Excel, save it as a CSV file.

Now we'll upload the file we have just created. Click Upload answers and select the file you have just created. Use the text box to tell respondents what they need to do, e.g., choose your name from the list below.

Typeahead form image7

Tip: The top row with the column names is automatically detected and you can edit the titles in the text box that comes up once you have uploaded the answer file.

Typeahead form image8

This is how your question would look:

Typeahead form gif

Don't forget you can also add a text box to specify or leave an extra comment if you want to ask respondents to give more information.

Typeahead form image9