Download your Results

This feature is included in all plans.

To analyze your results you can either choose to use the dashboards or to download your results. When you want to download your results you can download in three formats: CSV (easily convertible to Excel), Excel or PDF.

Click Download in the top right corner.

download results - click download

1 Download a CSV file

To download your CSV file, select CSV and simply click Download

download csv file of results

When the CSV file has been generated, you will be asked to save the file.

When you have over 1000 responses your CSV will be sent by email.

The CSV contains the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Geolocation (if enabled)
  • User Agent
  • Intro Fields
  • Answer for each question
  • Score for each question
  • Score on survey

Learn how to convert the CSV file to an Excel file here.

2 Download an Excel file

Click Excel on the left-hand side and then simply click Download.

Download results - Excel

Once the Excel file has been downloaded a box will pop-up where you can either open the file immediately or save it for later.

3 Download a PDF file

You will receive a link to the PDF by email. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly! Choose how you want to customize your PDF.

download results as pdf

You can only use the email link to the PDF once. If you need another PDF file, have another link sent by clicking on the PDF button again. If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder. PDF links will expire 24 hours after generation, so the download link can be used more than once in those 24 hours.

You can customize your PDF by turning on different features:

download results as pdf options

  1. Show Charts - the PDF will contain one chart per question.
  2. Show Summary table - this table will show the number of times a response was chosen, the minimum and maximum score, average score etc. This cannot be turned on at the same time as Show Response tables.
  3. Show Response tables - this table gives a detailed overview of each response with the time and date of submission. This cannot be turned on at the same time as Show Summary table.
  4. Show Intro Field Data - when you have chosen to Show Response tables, you can also choose to show the information you collected in your Intro fields.
  5. Show Respondent Data - when you have chosen to Show Response tables, turn this on to include respondent data in the Response table.

To download all of your results and get started on analyzing the data, log in and follow the steps!