Team Management

Team Management

This feature is included in the Enterprise plan and ReportR plan.

In this feature, you can indicate which team members in your organization are able to view or edit certain questionnaires and the corresponding results.

1 Group your Questionnaires

Before you can assign team members to view certain questionnaires, you first have to create Folders for the questionnaires.

In the Home screen, click Create folder. Name your folder then select a questionnaire or multiple questionnaires by ticking the box to the left of the questionnaire name. Click Add to folder and select which folder you want to place those questionnaires into. One questionnaire can belong to multiple folders.

Team management add and create folder

Now that you've made some folders, let's see how you can allow team members to view or edit the folders of questionnaires you've just created.

2 Set the authorities of team members

Click on your name on the top left corner of the screen and select My Team.

Team management - My Team

Here's where you can see All team members. You can set up the Role of your team members and set up who has access to view, edit and look at results. Click on the to delete a team member. 

Team management - assign roles to team members

You have a choice of three types of Roles:

  • An Administrator can change roles and see and edit every questionnaire.
  • A Team member can view or edit questionnaires and view results of the folders that you have specified.
  • A Reporting viewer cannot view or edit questionnaires but can view reporting dashboards for the questionnaire folders that you specify.

For each of the three columns to view questionnaires, edit questionnaires and view reporting dashboards, you can give access to one folder or several questionnaire folders.

Let's look at an example to make this clearer. Here, Mike in the top row has a Team member role and therefore can be given access to view and edit questionnaires and view reporting dashboards. Since Lucy (in the second row) is a Reporting viewer, you can only specify folders for the reporting dashboard and she cannot view or edit questionnaires. 

Click the arrows circled to get to the drop-down menu where you can specify which folder or folders you want to give each team member access to.

Team management - make changes to permissions

3 Add a team member

You can add a team member by clicking Add team member. If you have reached your limit of members, you can either delete an existing team member to have space for a new one, or contact us to upgrade the number of members in your organization.

Team management - add new team member

When you've clicked Add team member, a box will come up where you can enter the member's Email, First Name and Last Name. Select a Role from the drop-down menu. The member will receive an email with the message that you added him/her to the organization. This message also contains the link to verify the account and to change the password.

Click Save and close and they'll be added to your team.

Team management - add member details

When you're finished making changes to your team members and their roles, don't forget to click Save changes at the top of the team members screen.

4. Deleting a team member

If you delete a team member, all the questionnaires made by that person will be transferred to the admin (who deleted the user). If you wish to delete an admin, please contact support. 

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