White labeling

White labeling

This is an optional feature of the Enterprise plan and ReportR plan.

There are a lot of possibilities for branding your questionnaire by design. But if you want to fully brand your questionnaire by using your own link, you can white label your questionnaire.

We offer two solutions of white labeling: white labeling on our domain (the questionnaires will be white labeled), and white labeling on your domain (both the questionnaires and the software will be white labeled). Here's the difference:

1 A white label link on our domain

The url looks as follows: yourcompany.survey.cv/s/titleofyoursurvey or yourcompany.vcq.cv/s/titleofyoursurvey 

The bold parts of the link are variable and will be determined by you.

2   A white label link on your domain

The link looks as follows: s.yourcompany.com/s/titleofyoursurvey

The bold parts of the link are variable and will be determined by you.

When white labeling on your domain, you also have the possibility to white label your result pages with your branding. Your logo and 2 corporate colors will be implemented in the pages.

For more information and prices, you can contact info@surveyanyplace.com.

Check out the example below. When your domain is white labeled, the software is completely white labeled, so here is how the login page will appear, with your own company's branding.


All parts of the website have your company's corporate colors, for example the Home page and question design:

White label question design example

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