Questionnaire scheduler

The Questionnaire scheduler allows you to choose when to activate your campaigns. A Campaign shows a group of questionnaires all in one screen which can be accessed with just a single link.

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In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Activate your campaign
  2. Questionnaire scheduler settings
  3. Schedule your questionnaire

1 Activate your campaign

When you have made a campaign, you have two activation options; your first option is to make your entire campaign either active or inactive from the Home page or Share screen. Use this option if you want your campaign active or inactive right now.

activate my campaign

Activate campaign - share tab - questionnaire scheduler

2 Questionnaire scheduler settings

If you want your campaign, or questionnaires within the campaign to become active or inactive at different times, use our questionnaire scheduler. Use this feature to activate different questionnaires at different times during your campaign.

Within your campaign, click on the Extra options tab.

questionnaire scheduler image1

Now turn on questionnaire scheduler settings.

Turn on questionnaire scheduler

3 Schedule your questionnaires

Go back to your list of questionnaires in the Questionnaires tab. You can now specify for each questionnaire what date to make it go active and inactive.


Go active and Go inactive dates will work only if you have set the questionnaire to not show. When the Go active date has arrived the questionnaire will jump to show automatically.

Questionnaire scheduler - schedule active and inactive dates

That's all! Log in and add a scheduler to your campaign - you won't regret saving yourself the headache of remembering to activate your questionnaires!

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