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Campaign shows a group of questionnaires all in one screen which can be accessed with just a single link. You can share your campaigns via a link, QR code, email, and more!

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You've made your campaign and now you'll want to share it! Let's see how what the options are:

  1. Share your campaign via a link
  2. Share your campaign by embedding it
  3. Share your campaign via email
  4. Share restrictions

If you're on the home page, click on the Share icon next to your particular campaign, or go to the Share tab on the top menu when you're in the campaign editor.

share campaign button

share campaign tab

Now we'll work through the different options available to you as you scroll down the page.

1 Share your campaign via a link

Share your campaign via a link gives the option to copy a Link or QR code.

1.1 Share your campaign by link

Click on the Copy button at the end of the line to copy the campaign link.

Share campaign link

1.2 Share your campaign by QR code

Another way to distribute your campaign is by downloading the QR code, which you can then print out, put it on flyers, post it on social media or your website... or send it by snail mail!

Download the QR code by right-clicking on the image and select Save Image As...

share campaign by QR code

2 Share your campaign by embedding it

Here you have two options for embedding your campaign on your website or social media pages. Copy the text from Embed script for responsive results or use an IFrame to embed the campaign if you are not able to use scripts.

share your campaign by embedding it

For more details about embedding a survey, read this article.


You can use White labeled links for the surveys that are included in your campaign, but not for the campaign link itself. If you would like to use your own domain for the campaign, the best practice is to share it by embedding it at a webpage.

3 Share your campaign via email

Click Send email invitations to add email addresses from your contacts.

share campaign - by email invitation

For a more detailed explanation, click here for our email invitation help guide.

4 Share restrictions

When you are ready to close your campaign, toggle the button to the left to de-activate it.

activate your campaign

Those are all of your share options. Now you can go and start sharing!

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