Use your campaign in a live training/presentation

You can use your campaigns for a presentation or training. You can present campaign results even when results are still coming in. This guide will show you how you can easily present the results of a campaign.

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Start by clicking on the Share icon of your campaign.

present campaign - share button

Now copy the Presentation link - you'll find it right under the QR code of the campaign.

presentation link

Paste this link into the address bar of your browser and you'll see the presenter screen which will look like this:

present campaign - screen

You can now show the results of each questionnaire in the campaign by clicking on the Responses icon:

present campaign - responses icon

The responses for each question will be shown in a neat graph. Use the arrow to move between the questions. Click the X in the top right corner to get back to the presenter campaign screen.

present campaign graph example

You can also choose to show or hide each questionnaire in the campaign menu by toggling the button.

present campaign show on campaign menu

Learn more here about your different options for setting up the campaign menu.

So now you know! Best of luck with your presentation!

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