Questionnaire scheduler

This feature is only included in the Enterprise plan with option Campaigns.

Don't want to have scheduling the questionnaires on your head? We understand! Use the questionnaire scheduler to set up when questionnaires should become active or inactive.

Within your campaign, click on the Extra options tab.

questionnaire scheduler image1

Now turn on questionnaire scheduler settings.

questionnaire scheduler image2

Scheduler options will now show up below. Click scheduler options and the scheduler will pop up. Type your campaign start date and name and click Apply.

questionnaire scheduler image3

Go back to your list of questionnaires in the Questionnaires tab. You can now specify for each questionnaire what date to make it go active and inactive.

questionnaire scheduler image4

That's all! Log in and add a scheduler to your campaign - you won't regret saving yourself the headache of remembering to activate your questionnaires!