Conditional branching

Conditional branching

In this data driven world, getting your survey fatigued respondent to fill out your entire survey or questionnaire can be quite a hassle.

Luckily, there's your good friend conditional branching. He only shows the questions that matter to the respondent, minimizing his time and effort and maximizing your data.

But how does conditional branching work?

Conditional branching definition:

Conditional branching allows users to skip screens in the survey if certain user defined conditions are met. Conditional branching has quite some aliases such as question logic, branch logic, branching, survey routing or disqualify logic. Luckily, they all do the same thing, which is creating a custom path through the survey based on a respondent’s answers. This path will vary for each respondent based on rules that the surveyor predefined. This will increase the efficiency for the respondents as they will not have to go through non-relevant questions.

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Conditional branching example:

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