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Survey invitations are invitations by letter, mail, text, or phone which invite people to participate in a survey or questionnaire. Since we're living in modern times, we'll be mainly focusing on email invitations. If you looking to learn how to send out Survey email invitations click here.

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Tips for writing effective survey invitation emails

To get a better response rate to your survey, use these guidelines when creating a survey invitation email:

  • Use a clear subject line

Example: "Company Name values your input", "Timeless Watches needs your feedback", or "Participate in Our Customer Satisfaction Survey". Avoid using all caps, exclamation points, or dollar signs, and avoid words that might trigger spam filters such as free. Read more tips on how to write an amazing email subject line.

  • Say why they are asked to participate

Example: "As a visitor to our booth at the trade show last month, you have been selected to participate in our Satisfaction Survey" or "Thank you for signing up to participate in our monthly survey, John".

  • Explain the survey's purpose

Example: "Your answers will help us serve you better in the future", "We will use your feedback to plan events that more closely fit your interests" or "Your responses will help us improve our website".
If you're trying to decide between product A or feature B, it may be beneficial not to mention this in the invitation. Otherwise, contacts who don't have a strong opinion on either product might not participate at all.

Tip: By keeping the description general, a wider audience will be interested in participating. But make sure there is some relevance.

  • Create urgency with a deadline

Encourage people to "Take the survey now." It's also important to include a deadline to prevent anyone from procrastinating for too long.

  • Mention the time needed to complete the survey

Let contacts know how long the survey takes to complete so they can set aside enough time to take it from start to finish. Don't just say it is "short" or "doesn't take long" because these terms are relative. Instead, test how long (ideally somewhere around 3 minutes) it takes to complete your survey. If you are going to send surveys on a regular basis, mention that in the survey invitation. Your contacts must always have the option to opt-out. To provide an "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom.

  • Explain incentives

If it's appropriate to offer an incentive for completing your survey, the survey's invitation email is one of the places where you should explain what the prize is and how participants can redeem their prize.

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