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If you're asking respondents for their personal information, why not save yourself time later on, and rather than transferring the data collected to a new contact list, use our save respondent details feature to build the contact list automatically.

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You could use the questionnaire as a registration form and then later send out the quiz, survey, or assessment to the contact list that has been created. In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Activate save contact details
  2. What's next?

1 Activate save contact details

Head to the Extra Options tab. Scroll down to Other options and click Save contact details.

Save contact details

Once you have toggled to Add the contact details to your contacts, you need to choose where the contact details should be taken from. For example, if you are asking for the first name in question 1 of the survey, then you want to take the data from question 1 response.

save contact details - settings

Now choose where the information should be taken from for the remaining fields.

That's it! Why not log in and try it for yourself?

2 What's next?

  • The email templates feature allows you to send emails to your respondents based on their selected answers or a quiz/survey score. This is a great way to keep your respondents engaged! Spice up the email by adding some media.
  • Geolocation - When it is important for you to know where the respondents take the survey, you can turn on Geolocation. When the location on the device is turned on, you will receive the location in your results and in your Notification Email.
  • Offline mode - The offline survey tool is perfect when conducting a survey at an event, in restaurants and shops, or if you want to conduct street interviews or surveys. Our offline survey tool offers all the convenience of an online survey, but it works when your internet connection is unstable or even if there's no WIFI connection at all.
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