Intro screen

Intro screen

This feature is included in all plans.

When you're sending out a questionnaire, you'll want to give your respondents a bit of information before they start. You can do this in the Intro screen. Tell your respondents what the questionnaire is about, what the results will be used for, which prize they can win, or just welcome your respondents and tell them how much time the questionnaire will ask from them. Describing the context (and especially announcing a prize) increases engagement (they know what they're participating in).

1 Choose to show the Intro screen

Before getting into the details of what will be shown on the Intro screen, first decide whether you want to show the screen at all or jump straight to your questions. Toggle the button circled below to make the Intro screen visible or hidden.

Show intro screen

2 Intro text and Start button

Change the Intro text if you want in the the text box circled below. You can also edit the text of the Start button, eg. Let's go, Let's begin, or anything you please!

Intro screen - change Intro text and start button label

To learn how to make your text bold, bigger change the color or to use variables to address respondents by name, check out the rich text editor icons guide.

3 What would you like to ask your respondents?

Here you can add Intro fields which are a special type of question mostly used to collect demographic data such as name, email, job title etc. If you choose to add these fields, the questions will appear on the Intro screen, all on the same page and will save you creating a separate question for each item.

This is how your Intro screen could look with Intro fields:

Intro screen -  example of intro screen in questionnaire

Click Add a field and choose what type of Intro field you want to add. Read more information about Intro fields.

Intro fields

This is useful when you want to view the results by Responses. You will get a clear overview of the respondents with their answers to the Intro fields and you can choose to filter the results by any of the Intro fields.

Another really great use of Intro fields is that you can send respondents a personalized link which has the fields already completed with the details of the respondents so they do not have to fill in the information themselves - they'll appreciate the time saving! Check out the guide to pre-filling the Intro fields to learn how to send respondents their own personalized link.

Log in to make a great-looking Intro screen that will get your respondents raring to go!

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