Pre-fill Intro Fields

You can pre-fill the Intro fields (learn more about Intro fields ) to save respondents time and get their attention. If you have a field asking for the respondent's name, use a URL parameter to pre-fill this field if you already know their name and simply ask respondents to check the spelling, rather than making them enter data unnecessarily.

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A URL parameter is the final part of the URL, which you can customize and use to identify someone or add information that will appear in the Intro fields. For example, to pre-fill a respondent's country, your URL could look like this:

Tip: Pre-fill the Intro fields and use piping to give respondents a personalized intro screen. Grab their attention right away, and say "Welcome Neil, can you check your personal info is all correct and up-to-date?"

In this guide we'll discuss the following:

  1. Pre-fill Intro fields
  2. Pre-fill Intro fields with Contact external fields

1 Pre-fill Intro fields

Let's see how to do this. Log in and find the questionnaire link over here:

Pre-fill intro fields - questionnaire link

You can have as many Intro fields as you like. We'll use two fields (name and city), but once you've got the hang of pre-filling the fields, you can do this for all of your fields.

Pre-fill intro fields - example

See how each Intro field is numbered. Pre-fill each field by adding the following text to the end of the link:

  • /?cf
  • Your Intro field number and a = sign. E.g. 1= for Intro field 1, 2= for Intro field 2, and so on
  • The data you want to pre-fill, so either name, city, or whatever data you have

So in our example, to pre-fill the first field with the respondent's name, the link would look like this:

For the second field asking for the city name, our link would be:

If you want to include both the first field for name and a second field for city, use the sign, so your link would be:

2 Pre-fill Intro fields with Contact External fields

Start by filling in the contact information of your respondent. See here how to create a Contact List.

edit contact external fields

After you have added your contacts, go ahead and create your Intro fields on your Intro screen with the corresponding External fields names.

create intro fields example

Now you can link your contact with the URL parameter of your survey.

Unique ID contact list

Pre-fill each field by adding the following text to the end of the link:

  • ?rid=UID_
  • The unique Identifier - y0urUn1qu3ID

So in our example, the link would look like this: 

link for unique id

This is how the Intro Screen will look like with Pre-fill Intro fields:

example of prefill intro fields

Make sure to send the right link to the right people!

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